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ICEM Tulcea has managed the Sulina Lighthouse since 2003, when it turned into a museum. The experts of the Archaeology and History Museum in Tulcea which governs the museum have arranged the two rooms on the ground floor. One of them is dedicated to the memory of Jean Bart - a personality that at the beginning of the 20th century was at Sulina a sea commissary. The second one is dedicated to the European Danube Commisions - an international organization that transformed the small fishing settlement from the beginning of the 19th century into an important harbour with a flourishing economy. The exhibits of the Sulina Lighthouse Museum belong to the modern and contemporary history collection... of the History and Archaeology Museum that belongs to the Eco-Museum Research Institute. One can remark the pieces of furniture that belonged to the writer Jean Bart and his family photographs, the weaponry collection from the 18th - 20th centuries, the medals, documents, maps and photographs relating to the activity of the European Danube Commission. As the name indicates, the Sulina museum was organized in a lighthouse, that was built by the European Danube Commission between 1869 and 1870. The project was designed by M. Engelhardt, a doctor, a collaborator outside the Technical Office of the European Danube Commisions. The project was managed by Sir Charles A. Hartley. Over the years the construction underwent several changes on the outside and inside, which did not affect the original structure. After 1989 the Sulina Great Lighthouse was restored by the Ministry of Culture and Religious Affairs, and in 2003 was taken over by ICEM Tulcea. The building has historic value and was listed in 2004 with the indicative TL II mA06023. The construction is 17.34 m high, in the shape of a truncated cone, has two large rooms on the ground floor, arranged for the museum, and the exhibition space is 70 sq.m. The rooms built around the Lighthouse, at number 7, that functioned as homes for the staff and deposits for the materials necessary for the operation of the lighthouse, are currently used as museum annexes. At the same time the inner courtyard confers a special atmosphere to the museum.

Strada II nr. 15; adresa de corespondenţă - ICEM Tulcea, Muzeul Farul Sulinei, 820009, Tulcea, Strada 14 Noiembrie nr. 1 bis
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exclusive by water- The route Tulcea-Sulina on the Danube
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Closed for restoration(starting with 14th of May 2019, for 36 months)
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Tulcea County Council
Historic Monument Building: Clădire monument istoric
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