National Museum of Romanian Literature

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Iaşi Romanian Literature Museum was founded as a legal institution in the fall of 1990 by splitting the department of literature at the National Museum Complex "Moldova". It was considered that 10 museums of the same profile will be better managed and have best results if they are organized into a unified institutional structure. The institution has grown from 10 to 12 museums, the results of specialists’ research (reprints, editions of documents - correspondence - manuscripts) are well known, several buildings in the category of historical monuments have been restored, artistic and cultural heritage in Iaşi, Iaşi itself is well known in the country through tra...veling exhibitions . The 12 literary museums of Iaşi is a visit card that honours and imposes high standards: The Museum "Ion Creangă", opened in 1918, the first literary memorial museum in the country, the "Vasile Alecsandri " Museum at Mirceşti, opened in 1928, the Museum "St. Dosoftei Hierarch Metropolitan", opened in 1970, The "Mihai Codreanu" Museum, opened in 1970, the "Vasile Pogor" Museum, opened in 1972, The "Otilia Cazimir" Museum, opened in 1972, the Collection "The History of Romanian Theatre" (Theatre Museum), opened in 1976, Museum " Mihail Sadoveanu", opened in 1980, "George Topîrceanu Museum, opened in 1985, The "Mihai Eminescu" Museum, opened in 1989, The "Nicolae Gane" Museum, opened in 1993, Museum "C. Negruzzi" in Trifeşti, opened in 1995. The galleries "Pod - Pogor" were inaugurated in 2002.

Strada V. Alecsandri nr. 6
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Tramway: 1;
Maxi-taxi 14, 28, 6
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Tuesday - Sunday: 10:00 - 17:00;
Monday: closed
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0232.410.340, 0747.499.400
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Iaşi County Council
Historic Monument Building: Clădire monument istoric
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Lucian Dan Teodorovici
Contact person:
Anca Maria Buzea
Director adjunct patrimoniu
O.M.C.C.P.N. nr. 2462/03.11.2009 Acreditare ;
O.M.C.I.N. Nr. 2828/19.08.2019 Reacreditare;
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Subordinate units.
Name County Locality Commune Address Department Map
2027 ”Ionel Teodoreanu” Exhibition Iaşi Golăieşti Golăieşti Centrul de Informare Turistică Golăieşti Memoriale Map it
391 "Constantin Negruzzi" Museum Iaşi Hermeziu Trifeşti Memoriale Map it
394 "Ion Creangă" Museum Iaşi Iaşi Strada Simion Bărnuţiu nr. 4 Memoriale Map it
2082 House of Museums. The Museum of Childhood under Communism Iaşi Iaşi Strada Vasile Alecsandri nr. 6 Memoriale Map it
2081 House of Museums. The Poetry Museum Iaşi Iaşi Strada Vasile Alecsandri nr. 6 Memoriale Map it
2079 House of Museums. The Museum of Iaşi Pogrom Iaşi Iaşi Strada Vasile Alecsandri nr. 6 Memoriale Map it
2080 House of Museums. The Museum of the Jewish Theatre in Romania Iaşi Iaşi Strada Vasile Alecsandri nr. 6 Memoriale Map it
415 "The History of Romanian Theatre" Museum Collection Iaşi Iaşi Parcul Copou Istorie Map it
393 "George Topîrceanu" Museum Iaşi Iaşi Strada Ralet nr. 7 Memoriale Map it
396 "Mihai Codreanu" Museum Iaşi Iaşi Strada Rece nr. 5 Memoriale Map it
395 "Mihai Eminescu" Museum Iaşi Iaşi Parcul Copou Memoriale Map it
398 "Mihail Sadoveanu" Museum Iaşi Iaşi Aleea Mihail Sadoveanu nr. 12 Memoriale Map it
399 "Nicolae Gane" Museum Iaşi Iaşi Strada N. Gane nr. 22 A Memoriale Map it
400 "Otilia Cazimir" Museum Iaşi Iaşi Strada Otilia Cazimir nr. 4 Memoriale Map it
413 "St. Hierarch Dosoftei the Metropolitan" Museum Iaşi Iaşi Strada Anastasie Panu nr. 54 Carte veche Map it
403 "Vasile Pogor" Museum Iaşi Iaşi Strada Vasile Pogor nr. 4 Memoriale Map it
402 "Vasile Alecsandri" Museum Iaşi Mirceşti Mirceşti Memoriale Map it
2045 ”Garabet Ibrăileanu” Museum Iaşi Târgu Frumos Strada Cuza Vodă nr. 10 Memoriale Map it