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History of Literature, Art, Local History

“I. L. Caragiale” Museum in Ploieşti was established due to the passion for history and culture of the distinguished professor N. Simache, in 1962, upon the 110 year anniversary from the birth of the great classic of Romanian literature and was reorganized in 2002, upon the Caragiale Year. In a restored space and by modern display means, the themes of the exhibition “Caragiale – The Man and His Age” illustrates the main moments in the life and creation of the writer, given the present Caragiale researches. In the first hall the exhibits include original documents and photographs providing a detailed picture of the issue regarding the grades passed by I. L.... Caragiale at Ploieşti. The atmosphere of the writer’s lodgings and his study is reconstructed in the second hall, by displaying the museum pieces that belongs to the writer and his family: a crystal mirror, the wooden table with sculpted decoration, a sofa, two chairs, etc. On the desk, next to a pen and inkpot, there is the manuscript of the Parody “Once…of yore”; in silver frames there are the original photographs of the playwright’s family members and close friends. The last hall presents, in chronological order, the creative activity of the great writer, his great drama works: “Stormy Night”, “ A Lost Letter”, “Carnival Stories”, “Master Leonida Facing the Reactionaries”, and “Napasta”. The period of the great Caragiale short stories and sketches also occupies a distinct role in the exhibition. The first editions, nearing the writer’s signature, of the volumes “Drama”, “Moments”, “New Sketches”, are on display next to the photographs, providing clues as to the writer’s friends. Further exhibits include the translations from the writer’s works in various languages, posters interpreting Caragiale’s comedies in the world: France, Japan, Spain, Italy and Belgium. The exhibition ends with the works by the writer’s sons: Mateiu Caragiale (“Courtiers of Yore”) and Luca I. Caragiale (“Mirror Game”).

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