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"Metropolitan Bishop Antim Ivireanu" Old Romanian Art Museum

Museum code5110000007
Name"Metropolitan Bishop Antim Ivireanu" Old Romanian Art Museum
AddressMănăstirea Antim, Str. Antim nr. 29, sector 5
Postal code040111
E-MAIL addresse-mai secretariat: manastirea.antim@gmail.com
AccessUnion Square Station
Time tableMonday - Saturday 11:30 - 16:00; Sunday and feasts: closed
Collection(s)The museum is located in the precinct of Antim Monastery. The collections include Brancovan art items, historical prints, and rare books. The hierarch and builder of Antim Monastery designed it himself. Two of his designs have been preserved to this day, namely the original plan of the church, on paper, attached to his will regarding the monastery, and another plan carried aut on papyrus (in 1715) inside the the monastery. Due to his godly life reflected in his cultural life as well, Antim Ivireanul was elected bishop of Ramnic on the 16th of March 1705. He established also there a printing house, where in the following three years he issued nine books, including three in Romanian and three in the Slavonic - Romanian bilingual edition. He wrote "Joy Book" (1706), against Catholics and a Liturgy Book (1706), the first Romanian editions in Wallachia. According to the provisions in the will of Metropolitan Teodosie, who had taught believers in Wallachia for 40 years, on the 22nd of February 1708, Bishop Antim was annointed metropolitan, in the presence of the patriarchs of Alexandria and Jerusalem. He printed at Târgovişte, in a new printing house, 18 books (11 in Romanian), as he introduced the mother tongue in religious activity, achieving what had begun during the time of Matei Basarab (the pattern) and Şerban Cantacuzino (biblical texts). He had published several prayer and liturgy books in 1710, 1712, 1713 and 1715 in the Romanian language. However, three others remained without translations.
Historic Monument building Historic Monument building B-II-a-A-18971
Categoryîn subordinea cultelor religioase
General profileReligious Art
Main profileReligious Art
WEB addresshttp://manastireaantim.ro/muzeul/
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