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Meziad Cave

Museum code7108900
NameMeziad Cave
Postal code417412
Collection(s)It is a huge natural cave inhabited by humans, with a semicircular entranceway 16 m high, 10 m wide, the absolute altitude of 397 m and with other two smaller entranceways. The total length is 4,750 m. It is two-storied, mostly fossil, on a small active part. The present and fossil fauna (Ursus spelaeus), Homo sapiens remains (probably from the Palaeolithic and Neolithic) are important for the speleogenesis and the carstic evolution. In 1972, while the cave was prepared to become a tourist attraction, Neolithic, Tisza culture and early Dacian period pottery fragments were uncovered. The cave is protected, closed. It can be visited with guide, miner's lamps and special equipment.
CategoryMonumente ale naturii
General profileNatural Sciences
Main profileNatural Sciences - Caves
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