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"The First Romanian School" Museum

Museum code6914510
Name"The First Romanian School" Museum
AddressPiaţa Unirii nr. 2 - 3 (Şchei)
Postal code500123
Telephone0269.511.411 ; 0722.435.134
E-MAIL addresscontact@primascoalaromaneasca.ro
AccessSt. Nicholas Church, Şcheii Braşovului neighbourhood
Time table9:00 - 17:00
DirectorPr. Prof. Dr. Vasile Oltean
Collection(s)The museum is inside the St. Nicholas Church courtyard in the old Romanian neighbourhood of Şchei-Braşov. Recently restored, the museum space inside the church courtyard exhibits in 30 rooms museum values to ascertain the traditions of culture and art that has entered Schei Brasov in the national heritage.The Museum of the First Romanian School building is a historic monument dating from the 15th century in the courtyard of "St. Nicholas" Church. The museum comprises the "Anton Pann Classroom", the "Printing Machine of Deacon Coresi" and the halls "Books - Factor of National Unity", "Books and Braşov Scholars", "Andrei Şaguna High School". The exhibits include collections of rare books: Coresi prints, manuscripts (Romanian, Slavonic and Greek); history items: catalogues from the 18th century of St. Nicholas’ Church, original documents of Constantine Brancovan, mediaeval and ecclesiastical art, princely monuments (80 documents), 18th century prints (the "Bible of Bucharest", "The Right Law - Târgovişte", "The Homiliary of Varlaam", "The Gospel of Govora", "The ‘Mineie’ of Râmnic", etc.). It was reorganized in 1964 in the building of the oldest Romanian school, starting from the collections gathered from 1933 onwards. The museum complex also includes the "Ex Libris" Museum (several hundreds unique "Ex Libris" pieces dating from the 15th - 19th centuries, donated by dr. Emil Bologa), the Museum of Joung Braşov People (ethnography artefacts, costumes, pictures, icons), the Tudor Ciortea Music Museum (clavier, gramophone, musical manuscripts, pictures, books donated by the composer), the Ştefan Mironescu Museum (images of the Schei in water colours and oil donated by the painter), the Archives and historical Library (rare books, protocol books etc).
Historic Monument building Historic Monument building BV-II-a-A-11589
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WEB addresshttp://www.primascoalaromaneasca.ro/
Contact personNicolae Blaj
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