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"George Muntean" House Museum

SubordinationBukovina Museum. History Museum
Museum code51620000172
Name"George Muntean" House Museum
AddressNr. 1128
Postal code727030
Telephone021-2521545, 0721429249 şi 0742549732
E-MAIL addresscontact@muzeulbucovinei.ro
Access8 km from Vicovul de Sus and 20 km from Rădăuţi, DJ 178 C road.
Time table10:00 - 18:00 (summer); 9:00 - 17:00 (winter); Monday: closed
DirectorConstantin Emil Ursu
Collection(s)Bilca Museum House, in the ethnographic zone of Rădăuţi, is representative for the settlements in the area. The interiors are furnished with traditional furniture, rugs, woollen-cloth, woollen, hemp and cotton cloth decorating the hanging round beam), wooden and pottery household items. The Bilca homestead also includes the shed and stables which are fitted with household artefacts. The house was donated by wirters Adela Popescu and George Muntean, being also the first museum dedicated to rural masonic movement. In Bilca there is also the Memorial House of Traian Brăileanu (sociologist, university professor and politician).
General profileMemorials
Main profileMemorials
WEB addresshttps://muzeulbucovinei.ro/casa-muzeu-bilca/
PublicationsA fost odată George Muntean (remember), Ediţie alcătuită de Adela Popescu, Editura Palimpsest, Bucureşti, 2008. 516 p.
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