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Village Museum

SubordinationPrahova County Museum of History and Archaeology
Museum code51620000174
NameVillage Museum
Postal code107515
E-MAIL addresshistmuseumph@yahoo.com
Accessnear the Town Hall
Time table9:00 - 17:00; Monday: closed
DirectorMarinela Peneş
Collection(s)The village museum of Sângeru stands in the village by the same name; it was organized in the manor of the family of treasurer Andrei Bozianu; the building dates from the 17th century and is representative for the rural architecture from the end of the Romanian Middle Ages; the building has massive walls, built of stone and brick on two storeys, joined by an interior staircase; on the outside, on the south side it has wooden verandah and porch; the entranceway is located in the center, opening to a small hall prolonging the house of the staircase; on the right and on the left of the hall, there is a room each, and the plan repeats symmetrically on the upper floor. The themes of the exhibition present the evolution of the village community in the area, its history, ethnography and spiritual life; the heritage presented is local, comprising valuable artifacts and pieces, found in the heritage of the Prahova County Museum of History and Archaeology; in the first room, on the ground floor, the exhibits include old ecclesiastical objects and sacerdotal attire; icons and liturgy books, all from Sângeru Parish; on the upper floor there are archaeological artifacts from the Bronze Age, the Geto-Dacian period and the 1st millenary AD, attesting the occupation in the area and a rich stock of documents proving the existence of the village of Fundeni, the old name of the locality. The other spaces were dedicated to the local values and traditions; the exhibits include household utensils and implements, folk costumes that used to be the pride of the village of yore. Due to its rich heritage, the museum may represent an interesting place for the Romanian and foreign tourists; every year the museum organizes temporary exhibitions and many other cultural and educational events.
Historic Monument building Historic Monument building PH-II-m-A-16606.01
General profileEthnography and Local History
Main profileEthnography and local history
WEB addresshttp://www.histmuseumph.ro/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=69&Itemid=75
Contact personEmilia Popa
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