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"Prince Cuza House" Museum

Subordination"Paul Păltănea" History Museum
Museum code51620000190
Name"Prince Cuza House" Museum
AddressStr. Al.I.Cuza nr. 80
Postal code800216
E-MAIL addressmuzeuistorie@yahoo.com
Access10 minutes from the railways station, in the old town
Time tabletemporarely closed for restoration
DirectorCristian-Dragoş Căldăraru
Collection(s)In this building lived Alexandru Ioan Cuza, the first Prince of the Romanian Principalities, between 1844 and 1859, while he held the office of president of the Court of Justice and chief magistrate of the Covurlui county. In 1937 the "Prince Cuza Association" emerged, that aimed, among other things, at restoring the house turning it into a museum. The donation from the primary school teachers Ecaterina and Paul Paşa constituted the core of the planned exhibition. On the 24th of January 1939 the museum opened. During the period 1950 - 1956 the collections of the Museum of Art and those of the Museum of Natural Sciences were brought in this building. The museum was closed to the public in 1986 in order to restore the building and reorganize it. Since 1995 it has been known as the "Prince Cuza House" Museum, and on the 20th of May 2004, in a wing of the house opened the permanent coins, medals and stamps exhibition. The first three halls on the ground floor display the specificity of fashionable Galaţi salons, with furniture representing the main styles of the period (for instance: the library given as a gift by Charles I to Mihail Kogălniceanu). The fourth hall is dedicated to scientific and technical progress from the same period (for instance: a "De Dion-Bouton" company automobile, French model, built in 1898, equipped with an internal combustion engine). The exhibits of the upper floor hall are relevant for the activity and personality of Prince Cuza, his family and collaborators (for instance: decorative art items, clothes and accessories, etc).
Historic Monument building Historic Monument building GL-II-m-B-03007
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WEB addresshttp://www.migl.ro/cladiri/cuza%20ambele.html
Contact personCostel Ilie
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