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Carsium Museum

SubordinationNational History and Archaeology Museum
Museum code51620000194
NameCarsium Museum
AddressStr. Revoluţiei nr. 27
Postal code905400
E-MAIL addressmuzeu_carsium@digital-net.ro
AccessDN 2A, E 60 road
Time table9:00 - 17:00
DirectorTraian Cliante
Collection(s)Carsium Museum illustrates the material and spiritual civilization on the territory of the locality of Hârşova, representative for the Danubian space, for the Neolithic (Hamangia, Gumelniţa cultures) the metal age; it illustrates aspects of the Getic material culture, the flourishing of the Roman and Roman-Byzantine provincial civilization at the Lower Danube (1st - 7th centuries); the Dridu culture and the evolution of the locality during the Middle Ages up to the first part of the 19th century. The museum was established by early 20th century by Professor Vasile Cotovu. The royal family attended and signed in the Golden Book. World War I caused the disorganization of the institution. Vasile Cotovu reorganized it for the second time in 1926 and inaugurated it next to King Ferdinand and Queen Mary. It was dismantled in the first years after World War II. After 1975, the idea of re-establishing the Hârşova Museum was vivid again so much more that in 1983 the researches in the Neolithic tell developed here, with exceptional results. Meanwhile, the researches in the ancient cemeteries and at the Carsium fortification led to the discovery of a large amount of archaeological material, some of them unique. In the year 2000 the museum was organised as a department of the Constanţa Museum of History and Archaeology and moved to the current premises, that was set up until 2005.
General profileArchaeology
Main profileArchaeology
Contact personConstantin Nicolae
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