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"Ion Minulescu" Memorial House

SubordinationNational Museum of the Romanian Literature
Museum code7300405
Name"Ion Minulescu" Memorial House
AddressB-dul Dr. Gheorghe Marinescu nr. 19, et. 2, ap. 12, sector 5, interfon 5
Postal code050482
AccessTrolley bus: 61, 69, 90, 91 (Faculty of Medicine Station); 96 (station Eroilor); 62, 71, 93 (Botanic Garden station); bus: 306, 336 (Faculty of Medicine Station).
Time tableMonday - closed. Tuesday - Sunday: 10:00 - 18:00 (summer) / 09:00 - 17.00 (winter)
DirectorIoan Cristescu
Collection(s)The memorial house, comprising a five room flat and annexes, is dedicated to the poet Ion Minulescu.. From the entrance hall, the visitor can look at an impressive fine arts exhibition. The largest works include a canvas bearing the signature Damian, depicting Mioara Minulescu, as well as works of graphics depicting the poet, and bearing prestigious signatures such as Iosif Iser, Jean Steriadi, and Păunescu Gruia. Also in the hall there are works of graphics by Theodor Pallady, Carol Popp de Szatmáry, Nicolae Dărăscu etc. On the hallstand there are two statuettes achieved by Claudia Millian, and a "Negro Woman Head", as well as a statuette depicting Claudia Millian herself, achieved by Oscar Han. There are also pieces of ceramics and a wooden chest of drawers. The walls of the exhibition halls bear works by remarkable artists: Lucia Demetriade Bălăcescu, Iosif Iser, Alexandru Ciucurencu, Margareta Sterian, Camil Ressu (portrait of Claudia Millian), M. H. Maxy, Lucian Grigorescu, as well as works by Mioarei Minulescu and Claudiei. Next to those there two sculptures by Oscar Han (depicting Claudia Millian). The decorative items include photographs, candlesticks, silver buckles, cassettes, etc. From the living room we enter Mioara's private room, where we can see an adequate set of furniture and many works of fine arts: a picture of Claudia Millian's, signed by Iosif Iser, the author of other works found in the same room. There are also creations by Margareta Sterian (prevailing in that room), a work by Năsturel and one by Victor Brauner (Ion Minulescu Portrait - 1924). Opposite to the latter room, from the same living room, we pass into Claudia Millian's room, where the icon collection prevails (over 25 items). The same as in Mioara's room, there are book shelves arranged in functional spaces. The wall above the large dumb waiter is spanned by a work depicting an Apocalypse verse illustration and the city of Jerusalem (1862). There is a conspicuous window loaded by small personal belongings, the books of the two writers, statuettes, identity cards, etc. The works of fine arts bear the signatures of famous painters: Sorin Ionescu (landscapes), Petre Iorgulescu - Yor, Luky Galaction - Passarelly, Cuţescu - Storck, Iosif Iser and Lucia Demetriade - Bălăcescu, a well known Ressu depicting Ion Minulescu with a cigarette and a few pictures signed by Mioara Minulescu. On the small dumb waiter there is a sculpture by Claudia Millian, depicting Mihai Eminescu. The brass and silver vessels complete the room decoration. The poet's room has pieces of furniture and paintings by N. Tonitza, caricatures by Iser, D.E. Galanis - a Greek painter (Ion Minulescu on a high chair playing the guitar - Paris, 1903), Ziller, Traian Cornescu (Mioara Minulescu at eight), a sketch by Theodor Pallady, and a canvas by Claudia Millian depicting the poet's mother. The library is rich and impressive.
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WEB addresshttps://mnlr.ro/case-memoriale/casa-memoriala-ion-minulescu-claudia-millian/
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