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"Vasile Conta" Memorial Museum

Museum code6956800
Name"Vasile Conta" Memorial Museum
Postal code121260
Time table10:00 - 18:00 (summer); 9:00 - 17:00 (winter); Monday: closed
Collection(s)Located in the village of Ghindăoani, Bălţăteşti commune, 11 km south of Tg. Neamţ, the museum evokes the personality of world class philosopher Vasile Conta (1845 - 1882), professor at the University of Iaşi, deputy and Minister of Public Instruction, promoter of the evolutionist ideas and essential personality of Romanian culture. Born in Ghindăoani in the family of a priest, classmate with Ion Creangă and friend of Mihai Eminescu, Vasile Conta is the author of several original works that have been translated and published abroad, receiving high praise: “The Theory of Fatalism” (1875 - 1876), “The Theory of Universal Undulation” (1876 - 1877), “Undertakings of Metaphysics” (1879), “The Fundamentals of Metaphysics” (1890, posthumous). His complete works, including unpublished writings, letters, poems, speeches, articles, legal projects and other documents was edited in 1914 under the coordination of Octav Minar, at the publishing house C. Sfetea, Bucharest.
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