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Buzău County Museum

Museum code6918500
NameBuzău County Museum
AddressB-dul Nicolae Bălcescu nr. 50
Postal code120360
E-MAIL addresshome@muzeubuzau.ro
AccessE85 national road; bus line: 7 (Crâng stop)
Time tablesummer - Tuesday - Sunday: 10:00-18:00 winter - Tuesday - Sunday: 10:00-17:00
DirectorLaurenţiu Grigoraş
Collection(s)In 1891 Basil Iorgulescu demanded from the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Public Education the permission to build in Buzău a collection of archaeological and historical pieces, that had been gathered by him during more than 10 years of searches in the county. Consequently, in 1895 the first public collection of archaeological, anthropological and historical pieces emerged in Buzău, exhibited in one of the halls of the "Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu" High School. We may consider that moment as the birth date of the first museum of Buzău. The first permanent museum exhibition (located in 145 Unirii Street) dates from 1955, when the heritage was made up of pieces taken over by the school collections and the materials coming from the archaeological excavations at Sărata Monteoru and Aldeni. In February 1968, the town museum became a county museum. From 1971 new themes were elaborated, based especially on the archaeology and history museum heritage. Simultaneously, the first museum storerooms were organized, according to scientific criteria. In 1980 the exhibition moved to the current location, and was inaugurated on the 7th of July 1981. It underwent transformations and refurbishment in 1986, 1990 and during the recent years. In 1980 the "Brăduţ Covaliu" painting department and the decorative art department opened, which comprise valuable pieces of tapestry, sculpture and glassware. The archaeology and history departments hold valuable pieces belonging to the Stoicani-Aldeni culture, the Monteoru culture, the Cârlomăneşti Geto-Dacian fine arts, the cast of the treasure of Pietroasele - "Hen with Golden Chicken" - pieces from the Roman-Byzantine Age, the Sântana de Mureş, Ipoteşti-Cândeşti and Dridu cultures. There are cave vestiges from the Buzău Mountains, archaeological inventories from the excavations carried out at the mediaeval fortresses (Vintilă Vodă, Berca, Bradu), and mediaeval architectonic elements. The numismatic collection comprises over ten gold, silver and common metal hoards. The great moments of modern and contemporary history when the Buzău area was involved are illustrated by representative pieces (furniture, documents and personal belongings of Nicolae Leonard, Vladimir Maximilian, and Alexandru Marghiloman). The largest telephone collection in the country comprises over 100 foreign and local pieces. The Buzău painter collection comprises paintings of Ştefan Popescu, Margareta Sterian, Adina Paula Moscu, etc. The Brăduţ Covaliu collection comprises 253 works donated to the museum. Recently, the museum has acquired the Margareta and Bucur Chiriac collection. The museum owns goods listed in the National Cultural Heritage Treasure.
Historic Monument building Historic Monument building BZ-II-m-B-02317
General profileArchaeology
Main profileHistory
WEB addresshttp://www.muzeubuzau.ro
PublicationsMusaios, Analele Buzăului
Contact personDaniel Garvan
Positionmuzeograf relaţii cu publicul
AccreditationO.M.C.C. nr. 2704/15.12.2008
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Id Name County Locality Commune Address Profile Afișare pe hartă
692 "Vasile Voiculescu" Memorial House Buzău PÂRSCOV PÂRSCOV Memorials Map it
182 "Vergu - Mănăilă House" Ethnografic and Folk Art Collection Buzău BUZĂU Str. Războieni nr. 8 Ethnography Map it
185 Colţi Museum Collection (Amber Museum) Buzău COLŢI COLŢI Natural Sciences Map it
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