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Ethnographic exhibition

Museum code7101540
NameEthnographic exhibition
Addressstr. Principală nr. 250
Postal code517210
Telephone0258- 789104, 0760-237887
AccessCommunal Library, in the village centre
Time tableon demand
Collection(s)At Cenade, as well as in other places in the county, the ethnographic exhibition communicates directly with the communal library, practically sharing the same space. The exhibition presents popular creations from this region resulting from weaving, needlepoint, woodcarving and other crafts. A traditional interior corner is recreated within the display, including a bed with hemp, cotton and wool covers and pillow cases. A perennial piece for such an interior is the loom. In conjunction with it there are some tools and components used in the homemade textile industry: sley, shuttle, shuttle box, picker, reed, warp beam, wool combs, distaffs, spindles, etc. These homemade pieces are simple, without ornamentation. The furniture is also simple, unadorned, but its simplicity is complimented by the beauty of the bedding and tablecloths woven by the village women. These pieces were adorned with fine cloth decorated with great skill by local women with a good eye for color coordination. Besides towels, glass painted icons, plates, jugs, earthenware, antique irons, mortars and pestles, lamps, we can also mention a chest, a crib, a wedding flag, the steward’s canteen and wooden clubs for announcers, these latter objects pertaining to the traditional wedding custom. A major part of these traditional creations is the folk costume and this is proven by the large amount of clothing pieces on display, some of which were lovingly donated to set up this collection. Since Saxons also lived in these parts the pieces on display belong to both ethnic groups. Nowadays folk costumes are worn for special events and celebrations.
Categoryîn subordinea Consiliului Judeţean Alba şi Muzeului Naţional al Unirii - Alba Iulia
General profileEthnography
Main profileEthnography
WEB addresshttp://www.cjalba.ro/expozitia-etnografic%c7%8e-cenade/
Virtual Tourhttp://www.antrecalba.ro/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=192&Itemid=64
Contact personFleşeru Gabriela
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