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Ethnographic exhibition

Museum code7101600
NameEthnographic exhibition
Addressstr. Principală nr. 34
Postal code517270
Telephone0258-763101, 0761- 669654
E-MAIL addressnetuta_cibu@yahoo.com
Time tableon demand
Collection(s)Set up in four successive rooms, the exhibition reconstructs the traditional home. The house proper was meant for everyday living. The stove or “ploaptăn” used for heating and cooking in winter was usually located next to the door. The bed occupies most of the room and along its side we find a long seat, set obliquely with straps in the back. In the back of the room is a long daybed made with the same technique as the seat, which had room for storing clothes, and a table. The other side of the room was occupied by the clothes chest which was painted and decorated with various floral and geometric patterns. It had a small safe box where the household valuables were stored, and some of them had a “fioc” (storage unit pulling up like a drawer) located at the bottom of the chest; in the room there were a few chairs placed beside the table and stove. A portion of the cloth was meant for costume manufacture: undershirts, petticoats, skirts, shirts, trousers, all keeping with the characteristic Salistea costume color scheme (black/white), because this area has been influenced by the pastoral life of Mărginimea Sibiu. Thus we have an overlap of the old-fashioned type of skirt (black with different color decorations) with the other type (black with black silk needlepoint).
Categoryîn subordinea Consiliului Judeţean Alba şi Muzeului Naţional al Unirii - Alba Iulia
General profileEthnography
Main profileEthnography
WEB addresshttp://www.cjalba.ro/expozitia-etnografica-daia-romana/
Virtual Tourhttp://www.antrecalba.ro/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=192&Itemid=64
Contact personCibu Sinefta
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