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Ethnographic exhibition

Museum code7101620
NameEthnographic exhibition
Addressstr. Principală nr. 17
Postal code517280
Telephone0734-483906, 0258- 867111
Accessvillage centre
Time tableon demand
Collection(s)The dwelling had two rooms, a hall and an open porch. The house proper was reserved for guests and it had fine furniture, carefully decorated with various hand-woven items, glass icons, family photos. An important piece was the dowry chest, containing all the handmade things within the house from rugs, pillowcases, woven towels and costumes to homespun bags, basically a girl’s dowry. On the day of the wedding the dowry was displayed in full view of the entire village at the groom's house and it was a proud moment for both the hardworking girl and the boy who chose her. The living room, inhabited by all family members, was used for: cooking, eating, sleeping, spinning, weaving and sewing in wintertime. In summer the porch was used for cooking and dining. It had the following: bread oven with kneading trough, poker, bread shovel, wattle covered fireplace, meant to cool the smoke and prevent sparks from igniting the building structure, table, bench, flour chest, shelves for pitchers and bowls. In the living room, during winters, the loom had a prominent place together with the tools of the trade: shuttle, pirn, pipes, distaff, spindle, carder, reels, combs, runner, weft and warp, mallet. The household’s annexes were made up of a stable where animals were kept and a shed designed to house animal feed, tools and agricultural machinery: cart, wagon, plow, wheels, harrow, hoe, fork, rake, and shovel. The “coser”, built of wood, was used for storing corn cobs and the sty built of wood beams was used to house pigs. The well was built from beech beams with a trough next to it for the animals’ drinking water.
Categoryîn subordinea Consiliului Judeţean Alba şi Muzeului Naţional al Unirii - Alba Iulia
General profileEthnography
Main profileEthnography
WEB addresshttp://www.cjalba.ro/expozitia-etnografica-farau/
Virtual Tourhttp://www.antrecalba.ro/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=192&Itemid=64
Contact personCiorei Viorica
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