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Ethnographic exhibition

Museum code7111600
NameEthnographic exhibition
Addressstr. Principală nr.46
Postal code517480
Telephone0258-855530, 855525, 0769-094916
Accessschool premises
Time tableon demand
Collection(s)The first mention of the Mogos-Miclesti name dates from 1760. Ever since ancient times the population within these hillside villages lived a pastoral life, with the inclusion of forestry, exploiting the natural conditions, thus humanizing the landscape. The exhibit recreates the interior layout of an old-fashioned household, including a loom and all the other useful items necessary for practicing the craft. The mattress filled with straw is supported by the bed and on it sits a handmade hemp cover with lace decoration. The child’s bed is arranged similarly to the large bed and is made of unpainted wood just as the chest and the daybed placed next to the table. The wooden chest and the daybed meet in the corner of the room with a wooden shelf above them where religious books and family valuables are stored. Above the other end of the daybed is a wooden rack that exhibits household objects: spoons, forks, plates, salt shakers, mugs, rolling pin. All of the furniture is part of the dowry chest meant for girls which have come of age. The walls are decorated with ornamental towels, bowls and glass painted icons. Traditional garb for both males and females is also represented in the exhibition. Next to the door we find items relating to house cleaning and personal hygiene: a large pail, a trough, a mirror and a razor. The interior is lit by an oil lamp hung over the table. Some agricultural tools depict the local occupations of land cultivation and animal husbandry: wooden plow, oxen yoke, sickle, thresher, wheat rake, winnowing sifter and unit measures.
Categoryîn subordinea Consiliului Judeţean Alba şi Muzeului Naţional al Unirii - Alba Iulia
General profileEthnography
Main profileEthnogaphy
Contact personBîrlea Liliana
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