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Ethnographic exhibition

Museum code7111770
NameEthnographic exhibition
Addressstr. Principală
Postal code517590
AccessAiud - Cabana Sloboda, Valea Mănăstirii – Primăria Rîmeţ
Time tableon demand
Collection(s)In Brădeşti community, on the road connecting the village with the village Ponor an ethnographic exhibition was arranged. The main occupations of the inhabitants were subsistence agriculture, cattle rearing, work in the woods, and beekeeping. Houses generally had a living room and a pantry, each with separate entrances from the porch. The living room, called "casa" (home) was simply arranged, using the entire space. The bed was made of wood and has two side legs being directly trapped between the wall beams. It was covered with a sheep wool wrapped rug with motifs consisting of simple black and white parallel lines. Table and benches were made of wood, simple storage with different themes. The house was not decorated with fabrics as in the lowlands and their models were simpler, however, the walls were covered with glass icons. The costume is simple and practical. Women covered with long “proboadă”, homespun striped in loose cotton ends, then, in time, this piece is replaced with a cloth the size of a handkerchief decorated with stitching ends. A particular interest is the long shirt and lapel fitted with twisted hemp, over which wear the breastplate. The girl wearing black silk apron embroidered with floral ornaments and apron (“zadie”) back with colored lines. Man clothes manly consist of: large shirt with stitches placed one in front and one in back, trousers and bolero with archaic cut, simple white long coat (“’ţundra”), wool stockings and sandals. A sector includes tools with which material (hemp and wool) was processed and converted into yarn: “meliţa” for crushing strains of hemp fibers, “hecelele” for separate waste wood bundle, cleaning combs for wool, wool combs for teasel, and hamp and wool distaff, and a waving loom.
Categoryîn subordinea Consiliului Judeţean Alba şi Muzeului Naţional al Unirii - Alba Iulia
General profileEthnography
Main profileEthnogaphy
Contact personAlba Victoria
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