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"Museum of Man" Exhibition

SubordinationPrahova County Natural Sciences Museum
Museum code6960519
Name"Museum of Man" Exhibition
Addressîn Palatul Culturii, str.Erou Călin Cătălin, nr.1
Postal code100066
Telephone0244 597896
Fax0244 511970
E-MAIL addressoffice@muzbioph.ro
Time table9:00-17:00; Monday closed
DirectorEmilia Iancu
Collection(s)The museum, founded in 1956, was modernized and reopened to the public in 2013. Three halls can be visited ("Origin and evolution of life on Earth , "Anthropogeny", "Anatomy and physiology of man" and a audio-video room for conference presentations). Four rooms are still in rehabilitation. The museum is located in the Palace of Culture, historic building , recently restored. After years of research, analysis and studies, there is a unitary vision on how should look and function the new Museum of Man in Ploiesti: from selection of exhibits and developing scientific information in their logic and educational museum, display of texts and museum pieces - informative summary panels, specific furniture, windows, lighting, complex IT arsenal - LED projection screens, electronic simulation, interactive games, kiosks, including a 3D virtual presentation of human body functions, natural size, which is a national novelty in the field, ensuring all of the new museum a special attraction and a very effective instructional and educational result.
General profileNatural Sciences
Main profileNatural Sciences
WEB addresshttp://www.muzbioph.ro
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