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Haţeg Village Museum

Museum code651710
NameHaţeg Village Museum
Addressnr. 94
Postal code337208
Telephone0754579719, 0765277943
Accessfrom Haţeg on DN 68 until Toteşti and then on DJ 687G
Time tableon demand
Collection(s)In Haţegului Country dwarf dinosaur footprints were discovered, unique in the world, and the first Geopark in Romania was founded, which protects paleontological sites, cultural heritage and local nature. Densuş commune has a famous stone church dating from the 13th century but in Peşteana village, in close proximity, there is a stone Orthodox church from the same period, a Reformed church from the 16th century, a swamp (botanical value) and Măgureaua, a pre-Roman archaeological site. And visitors can discover traces of traditional local culture, recently extinct because of the industrialization of the area, in the Village Museum. The owner, Anton Socaciu, is passionate about history and traditions of the place, searched archives, crosses in the cemetery, the stones in the river, looking for traces of human history and geology. He identified a half burnt wooden house, one of the last wooden houses in the area, and rebuilt it for museum. The living room has bed pillows, the loom, and the table and the window small objects. On the stove, as in porch, a collection of objects of iron. The most valuable are those made in the area of iron extracted from the nearby Iron Valley. There are also pottery, fabric, a nice leather belt, knapsacks. The good room shows a beatiful buffet, bed, an elegant cast iron stove from a larger collection. Here the collector dreams to expose ethnographic photographs, many taken by him, documents and information about the area he gathered in many years. In the yard, farm tools, millstones, a Roman sarcophagus and fossil stones between watershed fountain and wooden traditionally cereal deposit that no household lacked.
General profileEthnography
Main profileEthnogaphy
WEB addresshttp://recomespar.ro/hategan.html
Contact personAnton Socaciu
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