Museum Collection of Victor Tatău

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Ethnography and local history

Victor Tatău, geologist established in Sasca Montană, has made a collection illustrating the history and culture of the local community of Sasca. If at first the visitor is surprised by the mixture of urban and peasant objects, handmade and industrial, geological samples and photographs, as Victor Tăutu speaks that amalgam of objects makes sense and a whole life of mining towns come alive like magic. Sasca Montană town influences have profoundly changed the lives of people dependent on mining, creating a local culture different from the surrounding areas. In a corner of the living room, collector represented by geological samples mining, the main occupation of the inhab...itants, surprised evolving: from oil lamps or oil mining lamp miner in 1780, to modern lamps. Large room is elegantly furnished with a desk , Biedermeier type table and chairs, cupboard, low sofa and small furniture pieces. On the wall, old photos. Old postcards, some since 1905. Over 60 folk calendars and 1900 German encyclopedia. A valuable philatelic collection. Items remember glimpses of life: a melon of a teacher of the village and a photograph of the owner wearing it. From Cărbunari neighboring village, a male costume and a photo of the owner wearing the suit.

Sasca Montană
Sasca Montană
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DJ 571, at 17 km from the crossroad with DN 57 between Orşova and Moraviţa.
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