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The permanent exhibition of the history of Jews in Viseu de Sus was inaugurated on June 13, 2011 in a room of the Elephant House, one of the last Jewish wooden houses of the town that was on the other side of the river and was moved and rebuilt next o historical Railway Station Viseu de Sus. “Mocăniţa” line was built in 1933 and is the single Narrow Gauge Forestry Steam Train in operation to this day. Alexander Elephant was a Jew entrepreneur who had one of the most important mills on Wasser Valley until his exile in 1940, after the Vienna Diktat and the occupation of Northern Transylvania by Hungary. The exhibition presents the history of the Jewish community in Vi#...1;eu de Sus, which represent 30-40 % of its population until the Second World War. Viseu Jews were deported to the extermination camps of Auschwitz and Birkenau in 1944. According to documents of the station in Kosice, Slovakia today, where the trains were passed by Hungarian gendarmerie in the hands of German army, in 16 - 22 May 1944, four trains filled with Jews from Viseu passed by. Only 780 survivors returned home, most of them emigrating to Israel in the 60s of the twentieth century. In Viseu were 14 synagogues large and small, the last of which was demolished in 1970. Pastor Friedmann Mendel was the last Jew in the city of Viseu de Sus, he passed away in 1998. He was one of the survivors of Auschwitz. Only the Jewish cemetery remained and can be visited today. Since 2000 the non-profit organization " Hilfe für die Wassertalbahn " ("Help for forest railway Vaser Valley") located in Bern / Switzerland devoted to Forest Railway in Viseu de Sus. Foundation " Hilfe für die Wassertalbahn " ( ) works closely with Romanian companies 'CFF Viseu de Sus" and "R.G. HOLZ Company." House-museum houses a small library , consisting of old Jewish books of yesteryear. In addition, guests can enjoy a number of objects that belonged to the Jews of Viseu . The house is also a cafe. Vaser Valley, which measures 50 km from Viseu de Sus to Comanu terminal station is part of the Natural Park "Maramures Mountains".

Vişeu de Sus
Strada Cerbului nr. 5 (Gara CFR)
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DN 18 (December 22 Str.) - Carpati Str. - Cerbului Str. Historical Railway Station (CFF) is on the ground of woodworking RG Holz Company, behind a yellow gate. Follow the sign "to Mocăniţă".
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