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Conceşti Museum Collection

Museum code7120010
NameConceşti Museum Collection
AddressCasa de Cultură
Postal code36541
Time tableon demand
Collection(s)The collection includes more than 500 exhibits representing a complete inventory of traditional peasant household, especially folk costume fabrics and components, some stretching back over a hundred years. The objects were collected by Aglaia Bălinişteanu, librarian for over ten years, and now they are housed in three rooms of the House of Culture. Each item donated is labeled so that those who look to know where it comes from, whom it belonged to and, especially, how old it is. Key pieces from the collection are traditional shirts both for holiday and those worn every day, ethnographic treasure extremely rare in the area, because many models have not been preserved. Thus, by the care and attention of Aglaia Bălinişteanu we have short shirts, shirts for groom, men long shirts used when going to the field, children's shirts but also feast costumes, straps or belts, skirts, trousers, peasant coats, towels and handkerchiefs for wedding, as today no longer found anywhere in the county
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WEB addresshttp://ziarullumina.ro/reportaj/camasile-unicat-din-colectia-muzeala-de-la-concesti; http://www.luceafarul.net/camasa-de-sarbatoare-din-colectia-muzeala-concesti
PublicationsMargareta Mihalache, ,,Cămaşa de sărbătoare din Colecţia muzeală Conceşti” , Editura Agata, Botoşani, 2009.
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