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Traian Demetrescu Cultural House

Museum code7032903
NameTraian Demetrescu Cultural House
Addressstr. Traian Demetrescu nr. 31
Postal code200395
E-MAIL addresstradem@tradem.ro
Time tableMonday-Friday, 8:00 - 16:00
DirectorMitu Elena-Luiza
Collection(s)House of Culture "Traian Demetrescu" promoted Romanian culture and art of Craiova since 1973. The institution is built in the former home of Romanian poet Traian Demetrescu, which inspires the organization to develop future artists and cultural organizations in the city. The house, nationalized in 1950, was converted into a memorial house in 1966 and cultural center in 1973. On November 3, 1866 Traian Rafael Radu Demetrescu was born in Craiova, he was the second child of Radu Dumitru and Ioana Anica. Poet's father was a member of the Chamber of Commerce Board of Craiova. The family of "Tradem" made often donations to Old St. George church, which is now opposite the House of Culture of Craiova but was noted by donations made to the War of Independence. Trajan's mother was actively involved in assisting in this war, part of the Committee for the administration and hospital vigil of wounded. He spent his childhood at Craiova and Caracal, where paternal grandparents were. In his short life (he died of tuberculosis at 29, on April 17, 1896), he had an intense literary and journalistic activity. Traian Demetrescu is buried in the Ungureni Cemetery of Craiova. In 1896, his volumes of short stories Sights (of life) and Simple were published. Throughout his literary activity, Traian Demetrescu used different aliases: Tradem, Fabio, Fux, Intim, Miop, Nerva, Longin, Un singuratic, Scrib etc. Some of his works can be read here: http://ro.wikisource.org/wiki/Autor:Traian_Demetrescu
Historic Monument building Historic Monument building DJ-IV-m-B-08433
General profileMemorials
Main profileMemorials, History of Literature
WEB addresshttp://www.tradem.ro
Contact personŢucă-Ungureanu Mihai Cornel
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