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Ethnographic Museum El Greco Zahareşti

Museum code96727500
NameEthnographic Museum El Greco Zahareşti
Postal code727500
E-MAIL addressligia.gina@yahoo.com
AccessEuropean road Suceava-Humor
Time table8:00-12:00, 13:00-17:00, appointment by phone call
DirectorAlexandru Grecu
Collection(s)The museum contains a series of site specific objects from Bukovina, with over 35 collections with a total of more than 2000 pieces of ethnography, fine art, coins and rare books. Among those collections: yokes (unique in Romania) with a total of about 40 pieces, the chests that dates back to the Austro-Hungarian and interwar administration, roller spinning in Bucovina, costumes, jackets and peasant coats, artwork and religious paintings, cabinets in walnut and wild cherry wood, wooden troughs, lamps and oil lamps, irons, peasant household (19th century), the mirrors (mostly of crystal), old ceramic pots, oak barrels for wine, tea pots, ceramic cups. At the same time there are collections of bayonets and swords, of documents from the Austro-Hungarian administration and mid 20th century (numbering over 200), old banknotes and coins. Collection of books: old books (60 copies), written in Slavonic, Cyrillic, Gothic, Hebrew, and a manuscript written around 1600 in Old Slavonic; rare books (40 copies); books from the interwar period (about 100 pieces).
General profileEthnography and Local History
Main profileEthnography, Local history
Contact personAlexandru Grecu
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