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Ethnographic Museum „Saint Ann”

Museum code96107020
NameEthnographic Museum „Saint Ann”
AddressStrada Principală nr. 32
Postal code217036
Telephone0785.160.006; 0761.271.734
E-MAIL addresslupumihaela33@yahoo.com
AccessBy car DJ 665A; by bus from Târgu-Jiu-Glodeni-Ohaba
Time tableon request, by phone booking
DirectorAna Lupu
Collection(s)With its Romanian architecture, the building comprises two rooms, one of which has the function of a traditional dwelling, in which old objects are exhibited, most of them a hundred years old, some even older. From the exhibited objects we mention a brick stove plastered with clay, a traditional bed with tables, a round table with three legs, chairs, boxes of dowry, a chest, jugs, a weaving device, a kitchen cabinet with large pots, bowls, wooden spoons, plates, spindles and other tools, coloured woolen carpets, textiles, vases, old traditional costumes and accessories, oil lamps, coins and banknotes, photographs, old property documents.. The function of the second room is a clay modeling workshop, exhibiting over a thousand works, some of which are for sale. Outside on the porch there are exposed wooden objects and there is another potter’s wheel.. In the storage areas there are: a traditional cart, barrels, a grinder for potters, millstones, tools, carpenters, bells, a yoke, a deposit for clay. We regularly organize sit-ups and clay modeling workshops for children and adults.
CategoryMuzeu / colecţie particulară
General profileEthnography
Main profileEthnography
PublicationsActivitatea muzeului este sprijinită şi de Revista de lingvistică şi cultură românească Bucureşti – https://limbaromana.org
Contact personAna Lupu
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