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Folk Art Museum

Museum code7026504
NameFolk Art Museum
AddressB-dul Tomis nr. 32
Postal code900742
E-MAIL addressmuzeuetno@yahoo.com
AccessTrolley bus: 42, 43, 40, (station Poarta 1 or Centre)
Time table9:00 - 20:00 (summer); 9:00 - 17:00 (winter)
DirectorMaria Magiru
Collection(s)In 1975, the folk art collection was established within the Art Museum of Constanţa, and in 1980 it became a department of its own. Since 1985 the acquisitions have been oriented towards the other ethnographic areas. Since 1990 it has been a fully independent institution. The permanent exhibition includes all the folk art genres distributed on ethnographic areas, as the museum has a national status. The building museum dates from 1893 and is a monument of architecture. Originally it was a city hall, then post office. It was restored in 1973, 1978, and 1989. The museum comprises folk art collections: pottery, wood and glass icons, metalwork, folk costumes, rugs, fabrics, textiles, ornaments. The ceramic, wood and metal domestic items are of various patterns. The interior fabrics - towels, table cloths, sheets, rugs etc. - made of cotton, cocoon silk and wool are also of a high variety of patterns. The 4 m long towels belong to the old peasant interiors. The flower, plant, animal and human motifs, alternating with stripes of various widths create specific patterns. The wool fabrics for decor or domestic use have patterns alternating stripes, geometrical motifs, evenly and continuously distributed.
Historic Monument building Historic Monument building CT-II-m-A-02850
General profileEthnography
Main profileEthnogaphy
WEB addresshttp://www.muzeuetnocta.ro/
Social Mediahttp://muzeuetno.wordpress.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Muzeul-de-Art%C4%83-Popular%C4%83-Constan%C8%9Ba-294468907231501/
Contact personMaria Magiru
Map itMap it
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