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Museum of the Romanian Navy

Museum code7511100
NameMuseum of the Romanian Navy
AddressStr. Traian nr. 53
Postal code900725
E-MAIL addressnaval.museum@yahoo.com
Accessbuses: 2, 5, 42, 48, 51 (Poarta II Port); 43, 40 (Cinema "Republica")
Time tableWednesday - Sunday, 09:00 - 17:00, Monday and Tuesday closed
DirectorCpt.cdor. Marius ROHART
Collection(s)On the 2nd of June 1969 the Museum of Romanian Navy was designated as a republican institution, a museum of the first category, unique in this country. Located in the building of the former Naval School, on the 3rd of August 1969 it opened at Constanţa. Its focus lay on the navy, exhibition organized at Mangalia starting with 1965. The museum has four departments: the ancient, middle, modern and contemporary ages, presented in 30 halls spanning 10,775 sq.m. The ground floor is dedicated to the most important events in the history of the Navy during the antiquity and the Middle Ages. The original exhibits in this hall include the amphora with sheep suet from the 3rd century AD, the monoxil from the 15th century, the box with sailing tools from the 16th - 17th centuries, side arms, coins, etc. On the upper floor, the exhibits evoke the evolution of navy organization, of the Romanian harbours and naval sites. One can admire navy uniforms from 1860 to the present, orders and medals awarded to the heroes of Romanian Navy, weapons, manuals and sailing courses, broadcasting - reception equipment. In the park of the museum there are on display battle ships, ship engines, anchors and helixes, as well as navy artillery pieces. The most valuable cultural property assets are included in the collections "Fire Arms", "Orders and Medals", "Plaques and Badges", "Uniforms and Uniform Accessories", "Navy Models", "Anchors", Picture Gallery, Photograph Gallery, "Coins", book collections. The museum heritage includes unique collections, such as: "Sailing Tools", "Archaeological Finds", "Lenses and Lighthouse Models", "Battle Standards, Pavilions, Navy Marks and Flags", "Ship Helixes", "Artillery and Artillery Pieces", "Weapons under Water", "Seals", "Sea Maps and Ship Plans", "Art Items", "Photograph Albums", "Graphics and Sculptures", "Ships and Ship Fragments", "Transmissions", "Ship Engines", "Military Licenses, Diplomas and Documents", the collections Miscellanea 1 - Books of Impressions, honour books, lectures of various personalities, Miscellanea 2 - sheets, posters, newspaper cuts, and Miscellanea 3 - personal archive (memoirs, certificates, tickets, property titles, diplomas, personal belongings, poems, books, etc.). The museum holds 33 collections (of which 22 museum collections, 8 documentary stock and 3 miscellanea) and over 37,500 cultural property assets.
Historic Monument building Historic Monument building CT-II-m-A-02859
Categoryîn subordinea unui minister (în afară de Ministerul Culturii)
General profileScience and Technology
Main profileScience and Technology
WEB addresshttp://www.navy.ro/cultura/muzee/mmr/index_mmr.php
PublicationsAnuarul Muzeului Marinei Române
Contact personAndreea-Maria Croitoru
AccreditationO.M.P.C.N. nr.2060/01/02/2011
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