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History Museum

Subordination"The Royal Court" National Museum Complex
Museum code6930501
NameHistory Museum
AddressCalea Domnească nr. 181
Postal code130167
Telephone0245.612.877; 0243/613.946
E-MAIL addresscontact@muzee-dambovitene.ro
Time table9:00 - 17:00; Monday: closed
DirectorOvidiu Cârstina
Collection(s)The exhibits include Neolithic pottery and figurines, Bronze Age pottery, the Thassos and Macedonia silver hoards of Căprioru from the 2nd - 1st centuries, the Dacian hoard of Adâncata, and a hoard from the time of Mircea the Old. The current history museum was opened to visitors in September 1986 in the building of the former "Palace of Justice", a location that began to be built with money obtained, according to the documents of the time, on 23rd of February 1901, and the following year the construction in the neoclassical style was ready. The balance of the construction and the sobriety of the volumes made it necessary to build one more storey after 1918. On the premises there is the basic exhibition of the museum, illustrating for the visitor the history of the Romanian people from the Paleolithic Age to 1918. There is here material and spiritual evidence of the existence of the Geto-Dacian population, Neolithic pottery and figurines, Thassian and Macedonian silver coins hoards from the 1st and 2nd centuries BC from Căprioru, the Dacian coins hoard from Adânca, ornaments, etc.. The exhibits point to the emergence and development of the Romanian feudal states, to the emergence of the feudal state of Wallachia, and illustrate the election of the city of Târgoviste as the princely residence by Mircea the Old. The quarters dedicated to the rulers Neagoe Basarab, Petru Cercel, Michael the Brave, Matei Basarab, Constantine Brancovan include objects of decorative art, Brancovan frescoes, rare books, print ornaments, woodcut, the lapidarium from Potlogi Palace, testifying to the efforts made by the princes for the development of mediaeval culture. A room is reserved for the revolution led by Tudor Vladimirescu, and there one can see documents, weapons, uniforms, and fine art items. The department illustrating the efforts of the Romanians to achieve the union of the Romanian Countries under Al. I. Cuza offers to the visitors not only documents, but also personal belongings of the ruler. Another moment in the history of the Romanian people, the war of independence, is represented by original documents, weapons, military outfits, heraldic signs, etc. The Great Union is illustrated by a lot of historical testimonies, as well as by the map of unified Romania. The hall of the museum and the Great Room on the ground floor offers to the visitors temporary exhibitions set up to celebrate the outstanding moments in the history of the city of Târgovişte history, exhibitions of photographic art, icons, etc.
Historic Monument building Historic Monument building DB-II-m-B-17240
General profileHistory
Main profileHistory
WEB addresshttp://www.muzee-dambovitene.ro
Contact personGheorghe Olteanu, Luciana Muscă
Positiondirector adjunct
Map itMap it
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