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Polovragi Cave

Subordination"Alexandru Ştefulescu" Gorj County Museum
Museum code7138400
NamePolovragi Cave
Postal code217365
Time table9:00 - 17:00; Monday: closed
DirectorDumitru Hortopan
Collection(s)A monument of nature, the cave was prepared for visitors in 1984, when it was electrified. It represents a natural cave inhabited by humans, with the absolute altitude of 670 m, a relative altitude of 75 m, a length of 9,171 m, with two openings. It has a main horizontal gallery from which run small lateral corridors, filled with alluvia. The gallery has three sectors. It was researched by many Romanian and foreign researchers, and published by Silvia Iancu and Ilie Ion in 1961. During the field walking carried out by Vasile Boroneanţ, between 1965 - 1967, in the main gallery, at the entranceway, Dacian pottery fragments were uncovered. The archaeological traces uncovered belong to the Neolithic, Eneolithic, and Dacian La Tène ages.
General profileNatural Sciences
Main profileNatural Sciences - Caves
WEB addresshttp://www.muzeugorj.ro/muzee-si-case-memoriale/pestera-polovragi/
Contact personFelicia Popescu
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