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Corvin Castle Hunedoara

Museum code7042500
NameCorvin Castle Hunedoara
AddressStr. Castelului nr. 1-3
Postal code331141
E-MAIL addresscontact@castelulcorvinilor.ro
Time tableMonday 12:00-17:00 (20:30 in summer) Tuesday - Sunday 9:00-17:00 (20:30 in summer) *Last entrace in the castle is with 45 minutes before closing time
DirectorSorin Tincu
Collection(s)The museum is housed in the Royal Castle mentioned in documents for the first time in 1364. Knez Voicu and his relatives got it. Iancu de Hunedoara conducted vast works in two stages between 1441 and 1456, at first by enlarging the military fortification, then turning it into a sumptuous castle by works mostly in the Gothic style. Matei Corvin continued the works after 1458, focusing upon the embellishment the existing construction, as the influence of Renaissance bore fruit. The last construction stage took place between 1618 and 1624 when Prince Gabriel Bethlen of Transylvania conducted the last great constructions (the new tower of the gate and the Baroque palace on the east side - currently with a neo-Gothic façade). In 1724, the castle became the property of the Austrian treasury and stayed that way until 1880. That new role, after 1724, brought considerable damage to the monument, including two fires, and the last one in 1854 turned it into a ruin. It was later deserted until 1868, when a restoration began that lasted until 1914. It underwent a new restoration stage between 1956 and 1968. After 1997 began the project of putting to good use the monument that is unique in the east part of Europe and representative for the mediaeval civil and military architecture. The museum established in 1974 at first comprised lapidarium pieces (from the restoration works conducted on the monument by the end of the 19th century and early 20th century). Currently the museum holds archaeological collections - pottery, lithic, metal and bone pieces, from the systematic excavation conducted in the area of Hunedoara, dating from the Palaeolithic to the Middle Ages; ethnography collections - pieces and accessories of forest workers, tools specific of the area; decorative art collections - pieces of sculpted furniture, guild chests, ceramic and metal plates, wood and glass icons, canvases, wooden statues; coins from the 16th - 19th centuries; military technique artefacts - weapons fro cutting, pushing, hitting, fire arms, most of them replicas).
Historic Monument building Historic Monument building HD-II-m-A-03344
General profileHistory
Main profileHistory
WEB addresshttp://www.castelulcorvinilor.ro/
Virtual Tourhttp://varia.geomatic.ro/photography/medieval/hunedoara/c01/intrare.html
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