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National Museum of Agriculture

Museum code6944503
NameNational Museum of Agriculture
AddressB-dul Matei Basarab nr. 10
Postal code6944503
Telephone0243.230.184; 0243/231.991
E-MAIL addressmna_slobozia@yahoo.com
AccessE 80 road
Time table9:00 - 17:00; Saturday, Sunday: 8:00 - 16:00
DirectorGheorghe Petre
Collection(s)Representative collections (over 8,400 pieces) for the history of agriculture. The collection of tools, agricultural and industrial machines include Romanian brands like Toplet, Steelworks and Metallurgy from Reşiţa, Rieger S.A. Sibiu and foreign brands like International Harvester & Co., McCormick, Daniel West, Fordson, Lanz (Manheim), Stahl, Rud Sack (Leipzig), Deutz, Petkus, HSCS, M. Kir. Allami Gepgyar Budapest, Gutjahr & Muller Budapest, Bacher R. - Melichr R. Budapest, etc. An inventory of agricultural implements manufactured in workshops and homesteads, transportation vehicles (wagons, "căroaie," carriages, sledges etc.); Items of ethnographic significance: tools, objects of domestic and household use, furniture, pottery, textiles, clothing, harness pieces, religious artefacts, masks and photographs, Historic Property and Documents: objects, written documents and iconography which pertain to Romanian agriculture, medals, decorations, patents, Works of Art: works of fine art and religious artefacts. Scientific and Documentary Archives: photographs, microfiche, audio and video recordings made in the field, mapping documents, press documents (over 100,000 documentary units). The Library Collections: 6200 publications (books, periodicals and folders, 400 audio cassettes, video cassettes and disks). "The Bread House" or "We/You" Programs attract thousands of visitors every year. The Park around the museum reveals the cultural complex and is visited by both Romanian and foreign tourists. The Museum Store, with its rural handicraft products and diverse publications is at the visitors’ daily disposal. The Romanian National Museum of Agriculture is affiliated with the international organizations of UNESCO (the International Association of Agricultural Museums, the International Association of Ethnology and Folklore, the International Association of Folk Art). Diplomas, medals and trophies received over the years characterize the cultural and scientific scope of the institution. In December 2002 the Museum of Romanian Agriculture became the National Museum of Agriculture. The museum collections include: The "Poiana" Wooden Church, a historic and architectural monument (documents certify it in 1737), which provides all religious services for the "Annunciation" Parish.
General profileNatural Sciences
Main profileEthnography, Science and Technology
WEB addresshttp://www.muzeulagriculturii.ro/; http://www.diligenta.com/muzeulagriculturiislobozia/page4.html
Contact personSlujitoru Elena
AccreditationO.M.P.C.N. nr.2208/10.04.2012
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