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"Ion Creangă" Museum

SubordinationNational Museum of Romanian Literature
Museum code6946513
Name"Ion Creangă" Museum
AddressStr. Simion Bărnuţiu nr. 4
Postal code700118
AccessDN 28
Time table10:00 - 17:00; Monday: closed
DirectorDan Lungu
Collection(s)It opened as a memorial museum on the 15th of April 1918 with original exhibits belonging to Ion Creangă. In 1968 a documentary exhibition opened regarding the life and activity of the writer, and in 1989 the documentary exhibition was organized in a specially designed building (architect Virgil Onofrei). The house, raised before 1850, was the home of writer Ion Creangă between 1872 and 1889. It was restored in 1918, 1946, 1968, 1984 - 1986, and 1989. The exhibits include memorial objects: silver plated watch, original lamp, cigarette box with monogram, two icons from the 18th century, furniture from the 19th century, Gheorghe Eminovici collection of original documents, books from the beginning of the 19th century, a manuscript book of Gheorghe Creangă, original photographs of Ion Creangă, Constantin Creangă, relatives and friends, the "Literary Talk" magazine collection, autographed books from Ion Creangă's library, items from the collection of the former Ion Creangă museum of Golia Monastery in Jassy.
Historic Monument building Historic Monument building IS-II-m-A-03852.04
General profileMemorials
Main profileMemorials
WEB addresshttp://www.muzeulliteraturiiiasi.ro
Contact personValentin Talpalaru
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