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"Ion Vlasiu" Art Gallery

SubordinationMureş County Museum
Museum code7055501
Name"Ion Vlasiu" Art Gallery
AddressStr. Bolyai nr. 17
Postal code540067
AccessCluj - Târgu Mureş - Deda national road
Time table9:00 - 16:00; Saturday: 9:00 - 14:00; Sunday: 9:00 - 13:00
DirectorSoós Zoltan
Collection(s)"Ion Vlasiu" gallery, housed on the premises of Teleki Library, was established in 1988 following the donation from master Ion Vlasiu, a Târgu Mureş sculptor, painter and writer. Vlasiu’s triple vocation, known especially as a painter, but being a painter and writer to the same extent, did not lead him to an eclectism of endowments. His paintings sought to find the way into the human soul. He has a nostalgia for the village as cradle of the collective national soul he belongs to and whose survival he strives to ensure in the middle of the contemporary human drama. Following the tradition, he seeks strong colourful brilliance, the vegetative intermingled with a rhythmic decoration bringing about elementary images, stylized appearances and primitive vibrations. The world of the village, the landscape, and history are the main domains he chooses his themes from, under the form of the metaphor, the symbol. The ages of man and the road of his life, the depiction of the paragon figures in everyday anonymous world of the village or in history or national culture are prevailing topics. In his sculptures he seeks to attain those original forms of yore that bring about simple bodies, generated by the forces of nature. No matter what his choice of the material might be - stone, wood, gypsum - he tries to reinvent the pure form. While constantly communicating with his native universe, he gives life to this complex world by laconically engendering children’s heads, old people, peasants, intellectuals or heroes. Due to its morphology and style, his sculptures - especially the totemic depictions as well as the works inspired from fairy tales and legends - are directly linked to the traditions of this people. His novels in which the story of his own life reaches the dimension of literary fiction without losing the thrill of the authenticity of the events he experienced, define his human and artistic self whose primary sources in the village is unquestionable in all its hypostases. In his memoirs, sculptures and paintings, Ion Vlasiu lives the permanent revelation of the world outside and inside himself with an authentic dramatic feeling.
General profileArts
Main profileArt
WEB addresshttp://muzeumures.ro/
Contact personIoan Şulea
Positionşef secţie
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