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History Museum

SubordinationNeamţ County Museum Complex
Museum code6956508
NameHistory Museum
AddressStr. Cuza Vodă, nr. 10 şi 26
Postal code611009
Telephone0233.727.726, 0233.734.673
E-MAIL addressmuzeupn@yahoo.com; office@yahoo.com
AccessE2 national road
Time table10:00 - 18:00 (summer); 9:00 - 17:00 (winter); Monday: closed
DirectorIulian Ghercă
Collection(s)The building is monument of Baroque architecture from the middle of the 19th century (Nevruzzi Palace). In 1983 three beautiful painted ceilings by artist Ludwig Branner (1884) were restored. The museum exhibits in 15 rooms, in chronological order, archaeological and historical items from Palaeolithic to the end of the First World War, illustrating the rich history of Roman and its surroundings. You can see the Neolithic finds from Aldeşti, the Cucuteni A Neolithic treasure from Brad (two gold disks), bronze pieces, the inventory of the Dacian cemetery of Văleni, a rich Dacian collection from the classic age (from the fortress of Brad), a valuable collection of the Free Dacians' belongings (Văleni), mediaeval artefacts from the fortress of Roman and the surrounding villages (14th - 16th centuries). A room at the upper floor is dedicated to the permanent exhibition "The Archaeological Site of Brad". The history of the town, from its first documentary mention (30 March 1392) is illustrated by archaeological finds, maps, photos, coin hoards, seals, weapons, books and documents. A famous painting representing Prince Stephen the Great of Moldavia, ordered in 1884 by the Bishop Melchisedec Ştefănescu for The Romanian Academy was painted by the artist Epaminonda Bucevschi (1843-1891). The former collection of the Society for Medicine and Pharmacy of Roman, consisting in objects and books, was taken by the History Museum under the name of its founder, Epifanie Cozăcescu.
Historic Monument building Historic Monument building NT-II-m-B-10660 ; NT-II-m-B-10659
General profileHistory
Main profileArchaeology, History
WEB addresshttp://mir.muzeu-neamt.ro/
Virtual Tourhttp://mir.muzeu-neamt.ro/tur-virtual.html
Contact personAdrian Ciobanu
Positionşef secţie
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