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Museum of Romanaţi

Museum code7058500
NameMuseum of Romanaţi
AddressStr. Iancu Jianu nr. 26
Postal code235200
E-MAIL addressmuzeulromanatiuluicaracal@yahoo.com
Time table8:00 - 16:00; Saturday, Sunday: 9:00 - 13:00; Friday: closed
DirectorMihai George
Collection(s)The museum was first opened in a building on 1, Negru Vodă Street, on the 27th of September 1949, to 1st of December 1992. At first it had three collections, that subsequently were enriched with valuable items from archaeological excavations (Slăveni, Romula, Fărcaşele) or from donations and acquisitions. It bore the denomination of district museum, then town museum until the 30th April 1990 when it resumed the initial title. Monument of architecture from the second half of the 19th century, the building belonged to Iancu N. Dobruneanu, ta grandson of the famous bandit Iancu Jianu. The building has columns with composite capitals and richly decorated neoclassical frontons. The permanent exhibition is organized in eight halls spanning a display surface of 400 sq.m. The archaeological collections include items from prehistory, the Roman period - gems, fibulas, statuettes, coins, lamps, tools, weapons, coins which indicates an ancient habitation of the area, especially in the settlements of Dobrosloveni (Romula) and Hotărani. Rare documents and books, testimonies of the trades relating to agriculture and crafts, as well as the trade links, attest the settlement, mentioned as early as 1538. Iancu Jianu's figure and the social unrest during the 19th century are illustrated by an exhibition dedicated to history. The library includes 2,140 relevant books.
Historic Monument building Historic Monument building OT-II-m-B-20614
General profileArchaeology
Main profileArchaeology
WEB addresshttp://www.primariacaracal.ro/muzeul-romanatiului/81-centrul-cultural
Social Mediahttps://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Education/Caracal-Muzeul-Romanatiului-813524468697399/ , http://www.cniptcaracal.ro/index.php?page=muzeu-romanatiului
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Id Name County Locality Commune Address Profile Afișare pe hartă
1634 "Iancu Jianu" Memorial House Olt CARACAL Str. Iancu Jianu nr. 15 Memorials Map it
479 Museum of Romanaţi. Fine Arts Department Olt CARACAL Str. Cuza Vodă nr. 8, în cadrul Casei de Cultură Arts Map it
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