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Sucidava Roman Fortress in Celeiu

SubordinationArchaeology and Ethnography Museum
Museum code7058701
NameSucidava Roman Fortress in Celeiu
Postal code235300
DirectorFlorea Bâciu
Collection(s)The ruins of this fortified settlement found on the territory of the former village of Celei seem to be the traces of a settlement from the transition period from the Neolithic to the Bronze Age, belonging to the Coţofeni culture. Around this settlement by the name of Sucidava, during the Daco-Roman wars period, an earth camp was built, and after the conquest of Dacia, the first Roman colonists settled around the camp, forming the "vicus" (village). The settlement became an important military, economic and port centre, and in the year 250 it became a city. Between 306 and 337 the fortified settlement, destroyed by the Huns, was restored and turned into a military base where barracks, stables, a bridge over the Danube and a fort were built. During the 14th century, over these ruins a Romanian half-sunken dwelling settlement emerged. We uncovered the defence walls, with eight towers, of the late Roman city of Sucidava (the 4th - 6th centuries), that, together with the current village, covers a less known part of the Roman city from the 2nd - 3rd centuries; Roman baths, a paleo-Christian basilica (the 5th - 6th centuries), paved streets, a secret underground well built by the Romans that has been preserved; the base of the bridge foot built across the Danube during Constantine the Great, etc.
Historic Monument building Historic Monument building OT-I-s-A-08491
Categorymunicipal/ orăşenesc
General profileArchaeology
Main profileArchaeology
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