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Prahova County Museum of History and Archaeology

Museum code6960500
NamePrahova County Museum of History and Archaeology
AddressStr. Toma Caragiu nr. 10
Postal code100042
Telephone 0244.51.44.37, 0244/522.656
Fax 0244.51.44.37, 0244.522.656
E-MAIL addressoffice@histmusemph.ro
Accessbuses 1, 2, 30 and 44 from the South Railway Station. In the centre Tribunal and Posta stops.
Time table9:00 - 17:00; Monday: closed
DirectorMarinela Peneş
Collection(s)The building sheltering the museum of the history of Prahova was built in the neoclassical style according to the plans of architect Al. Orăscu, the author of the design for the University of Bucharest, the Academy bookshop, etc. Due to its artistic and historical relevance, the building is listed as a monument of architecture of Romania. From the laying of the foundation stone on the 31st of May 1865 and the finishing in 1867 to 1970, when it became the shelter of the Prahova museum, on its premises prestigious educational institutions conducted their activity, starting with the first Ploieşti gymnasium – “St. Peter and Paul”, during the reign of Al. I. Cuza. The building was restored many times, and each intervention was undertaken considering the conservation of the original characteristics of the monument. The last restoration, of considerable size, took place between 1990 and 1995. On that occasion, while strictly observing the architectural personality of the monument, the building benefited from the consolidation and refurbishment required by the new outlook of the permanent Exhibition. The idea governing the theme reorganization of the permanent exhibition of the Prahova County Museum of History and Archaeology, was that of singling it out in the context of the relevant local institutions, by valorizing its own heritage, the studies and researches conducted by specialists in various fields (archaeology, mediaeval, modern and contemporary history, numismatics, medals, etc.). Until now out of the general themes of the museum we achieved, depending on the material means available, the stages illustrating the archaeological finds from the Prahova county – Târgşoru Vechi and Budureasca archaeological reservations, the beginnings of the Ploieşti city, events from the middle of the 19th century (1848) and their echo in Prahova, the coin and medal rooms, aspects of the Prahova cultural life before the war. On the outside, the entranceway to the museum is framed by the statues of Saints Peter and Paul, patrons of the Gymnasium that operated there as early as 1868. In the courtyard facing the museum, for creating an evoking environment, they set the busts of the princes: Mircea the Old, Vlad Ţepeş, Michael the Brave and Alexander John Cuza, great personalities of the national history, whose lives and works are closely related to the history of Ploieşti and the Prahova region. In the inner courtyard of the museum the exhibits, part of a large Lapidarium, include Roman lithic artifacts, as well as commemorative monuments – the monumental cross from Urloi Valley (Urlaţi), mentioning the uprising of the soldiers from 1655. The museum owns goods listed in the National Cultural Heritage Treasure.
Historic Monument building Historic Monument building PH-II-m-A-16246
General profileArchaeology
Main profileRoman Archaeology, History
WEB addresshttp://www.histmuseumph.ro/
PublicationsStudii şi Comunicări
Founded1953 -1955
Map itMap it

Subordinated units. Push Id for more details.
Id Name County Locality Commune Address Profile Afișare pe hartă
1922 "1777 Wine Cellar" Museum Prahova VALEA CĂLUGĂREASCĂ VALEA CĂLUGĂREASCĂ Ethnography Map it
491 "Cezar Petrescu" Memorial House Prahova BUŞTENI Str. Tudor Vladimirescu nr. 1 Memorials Map it
1609 "Constantin şi Ion Stere" Museum Prahova BUCOV BUCOV Parcul "Constantin Stere" Memorials Map it
493 "Hagi Prodan" Urban House Museum Prahova PLOIEŞTI Str. Democraţiei nr. 2 Arts Map it
492 "Ion Luca Caragiale" Museum Prahova PLOIEŞTI Str. Kutuzov nr. 1 Memorials Map it
732 "Nichita Stănescu" Memorial Museum Prahova PLOIEŞTI Str. Nichita Stănescu nr. 1 Memorials Map it
495 "Nicolae Iorga" Memorial Museum Prahova VĂLENII DE MUNTE Str. George Enescu nr. 3 Memorials Map it
496 "Nicolae Simache" Clock Museum Prahova PLOIEŞTI Str. Nicolae Simache nr. 1 Science and Technology Map it
1734 "Pană Filipescu" Manor Museum Prahova FILIPEŞTII DE TÂRG FILIPEŞTII DE TÂRG nr.: 868 History Map it
722 "Paul Constantinescu" Memorial Museum Prahova PLOIEŞTI Str. Nicolae Bălcescu nr. 15 Memorials Map it
501 "Princely House" Museum Prahova BREBU BREBU Arts Map it
497 "Teleajăn Upper Valley" Ethnographic Museum Prahova VĂLENII DE MUNTE str. George Enescu nr.1 Ethnography Map it
1688 "Tohani - Halting Place on the Wine Road" Permanent Exhibition Prahova TOHANI GURA VADULUI History Map it
504 Bellu Manor House Museum Prahova URLAŢI Str. Orzoaia de Sus nr. 2 Arts Map it
1824 'Nicolae Iorga' Religious Art Museum Prahova VĂLENII DE MUNTE Vălenii de Munte, str. George Enescu nr. 1 Arts Map it
515 Târgşoru Vechi Archaeological Park Prahova TÂRGŞORU VECHI TÂRGŞORU VECHI Archaeology Map it
1610 Village Museum Prahova SÂNGERU SÂNGERU Ethnography and Local History Map it
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