Satu Mare County Museum

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History, Archaeology

The County Museum has in its organizational structure 23 museums, memorial houses, peasant households, archaeological sites. The zonal restoration and conservation laboratory, 3 libraries have been operating within it since 1995, the museum patrimony totaling 400,000 patrimony objects. The museum has its own publishing house, established in 1995. Founded by the Kolcsey circle, the museum is reorganized between 1950 and 1951, on the basis of old collections and new researches. The museum exhibits collections of history (guild materials, tools, chests, seals, documents, rare books); archaeology (prehistory, Dacians, mediaeval); ethnography (peasant installations, German and Hungarian furnitur...e, ornaments, glass and wood icons). The museum owns goods listed in the National Cultural Heritage Treasure.

Satu Mare
Satu Mare
Bulevardul Dr. Vasile Lucaciu nr. 21
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Tuesday - Saturday: 10:00 - 18:00;
Sunday 10:00-14:00;
Monday: closed
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Satu Mare County Council
Historic Monument Building: Clădire monument istoric
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Liviu Marta
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Brăduţ Popdan
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Subordinate units.
Name County Locality Commune Address Department Map
521 Ady Endre Memorial Museum Satu Mare Ady Endre Căuaş Strada Principală nr. 21 Memoriale Map it
522 "Dr. Vasile Lucaciu" Memorial House Satu Mare Apa Apa Strada Principală nr. 246 Memoriale Map it
724 "Sipos Lászlo" Hungarian Ethnographic Museum of Bogdand Satu Mare Bogdand Bogdand Strada Principală nr. 85 Etnografie Map it
525 City Museum Satu Mare Carei Piaţa 25 Octombrie nr. 1 Arheologie Map it
1752 "Jacob Măcuţ" Homestead Satu Mare Călineşti-Oaş Călineşti-Oaş Etnografie Map it
1754 Certeze Local Museum Satu Mare Certeze Certeze Etnografie Map it
1753 Codru Land Homestead Museum Satu Mare Chilia Homorodu de Mijloc Strada Principală nr. 110 Etnografie Map it
527 Codru Land Museum Satu Mare Măriuş Valea Vinului Etnografie Map it
1751 Medieşu Aurit-Şuculeu Archaeological Reservation Satu Mare Medieşu Aurit Medieşu Aurit Arheologie Map it
1755 Local Museum Satu Mare Oraşu Nou Raşca Strada Principală Etnografie Map it
723 The Swabian Museum of Petreşti Satu Mare Petreşti Petreşti Strada Principală nr. 405 Etnografie Map it
735 "Aurel Popp" Memorial Studio Satu Mare Satu Mare Strada Aurel Popp nr. 13 Artă Map it
734 "Paul Erdös" Memorial Studio Satu Mare Satu Mare Pasaj Ştefan Ruba nr. 8 Memoriale Map it
727 Art Museum Satu Mare Satu Mare Piaţa Libertăţii nr. 21 Artă Map it
1757 Firemen Tower Satu Mare Satu Mare Istorie Map it
1523 Museum of Motz People Satu Mare Scărişoara Nouă Pişcolt Strada Principală nr. 178 Etnografie şi istorie locală Map it
523 Town Museum Satu Mare Tăşnad Strada N. Iorga nr. 6 Istorie Map it
1756 Local Museum Satu Mare Turţ Turţ Strada Principală (Târgul de vite) Etnografie Map it
728 "Aloisie Tăutu" Memorial House Satu Mare Valea Vinului Valea Vinului Valea Vinului nr. 303 Memoriale Map it