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History Museum

SubordinationBrukenthal National Museum
Museum code6966501
NameHistory Museum
AddressStr. Mitropoliei nr. 2
Postal code550179
Time table10:00-18:00; Monday, Tuesday: close
DirectorSabin Adrian Luca
Collection(s)The History Museum represents one of the most impressive monuments of Gothic civil architecture bearing Renaissance elements. Originally meant to be a dwelling place, Altemberger-Pempflinger House (in the shape of a dwelling-tower), was purchased by the City Hall in 1549. From that year onwards until 1923 here functioned the City Hall, and the city Archives pertaining to the German community until 1948. The monument restoration works were conducted under the authority of the Historic Monuments Division between 1967 and 1988, with intermittences. The restoration was intended to emphasize the elements specific of Gothic architecture, as did also the rebuilding of the upper floor of the dwelling tower, as well as the refurbishment of the space with a view to turning it into a history museum. A marble plaque is embedded in front of the access gate to the building, reading in Latin the visit paid to the City Hall by Emperor Joseph II in the summer of 1773. The building with access to the ground and upper floors is adjoined by a tower that belonged to the third defence precinct of the city. In the garden-courtyard there is an elegant loggia made up of two bays. The museum collections emerged by the end of the 18th century, and many of the pieces were owned by the founder of the museum, Baron Samuel von Brukenthal. His collections pertaining to the History Museum heritage include coins, Dacian and Roman antiquities, as well as many pieces of high worth, from the mediaeval and modern ages, including: mechanisms pertaining to various disciplines of science and technology, musical instruments, decorative art objects (gold and silver ornaments), porcelain, glassware, textiles, weapons and guild’s products. After World War II, as some Sibiu cultural institutions closed or were dismantled, the museum heritage grew considerably due to the transfer to the museum of some collections existing in the city (the Carpathian Society, the Weaponry Room of Sibiu, a part of the pieces from the Astra Association Museum), etc. In 1959 at Brukenthal Palace opened the History Department, in a too narrow a space for the worth and diversity of the collections. In 1986, when the restoration works were completed, two exhibitions opened, and in May 1988 the entire museum circuit was presented, according to the compulsory themes of history museums. Between 1990 and 1992, the themes were completely and fundamentally restructured, as the historical peculiarities of the region were outlined. The permanent exhibition circuit and the storerooms include items illustrating the following fields: ancient history, mediaeval history, both with a lapidarium, modern history, as well as decorative art objects, textiles Period costumes), products of various Sibiu guilds, weapons and armours, iron artefacts, glassware, coins, banknotes, Romanian and foreign medals and decorations, etc. The permanent exhibition circuit comprises the following collections: prehistorical archaeology and ancient history - 8,177 pieces, mediaeval objects collection - 9,669 pieces (mediaeval archaeology - 647 pieces, guild’s products - 1,690 pieces, textile products - 1,500 pieces, science and technology items - 90 pieces, weapons and armours - 1,880 pieces, honour decorations and medals - 239 pieces, glassware and faience - 979 pieces, seals, stamps, dies, medals and coins - 2,374 pieces), the Hoard collection - 63,435 pieces, Carl Engber collection books and periodicals - 15,410 items, the Emil Fischer negative collection - 8,050 items, the documentary graphics collection - 33,252 items, the modern and contemporary history collection, a.s.o.
Historic Monument building Historic Monument building SB-II-m-A-12134
General profileHistory
Main profileRoman Archaeology, History, Numismatics
WEB addresshttp://www.brukenthalmuseum.ro/
Contact personCornel Lungu
Map itMap it
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