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"ASTRA" National Museum Complex

Museum code6966502
Name"ASTRA" National Museum Complex
AddressPiaţa Mică nr. 11 - 12
Postal code550182
E-MAIL addressoffice@muzeulastra.com
AccessTram , bus nos 1, trolley bus 1, 4 (Dumbrava Sibiului)
Time table10:00 - 18:00; Saturday, Sunday: 10:00 - 20:00 (summer); 9:00 - 17:00 (winter)
DirectorŞtefan Ciprian Anghel
Collection(s)ASTRA Museum was established in 1905 by the Transylvanian Association for the literature and culture of the Romanian people. In 1950 it was closed down, and its collections were included in Brukenthal Museum. Currently, the museum complex comprises several museums. In 1963 the Museum of Folk Technology was inaugurated, and was an open air department of Brukenthal Museum. In 1990 the Folk Art and Folk Technology Museum departments emerged into an independent museum unit: “ASTRA” Traditional Folk Civilization Museum stretching over a surface of 96 ha and having two permanent exhibitions: the open air ethnographic museum and the modern wooden sculpture Exhibition. “Franz Binder” World Ethnographic Museum was inaugurated in 1993 and is the first unique museum of extra-European ethnography in Romania. “Cornel Irimie” Memorial Room has preserved memories relating to Cornel Irimie’s outstanding personality, who – from 1953 to his death – organized and led the ethnography and folk art department, and later became manager of the museum. “Emil Sigerus” Museum of Saxon Ethnography and Folk Art, since it was established in 1997, has assumed a complex programme for rescuing, conserving and valorizing the movable and immovable heritage of the traditional culture and civilization of the Transylvanian Saxons. The Museum of Gypsy Culture and Civilization aims at rescuing and conserving the cultural property of the cultural heritage of the Gypsy community (it is the only museum of this kind in Romania).
Historic Monument building Historic Monument building SB-II-m-B-12114
General profileEthnography
Main profileEthnography
WEB addresshttp://www.muzeulastra.ro; http://www.muzeulastra.com
Virtual Tourhttp://muzeulastra.ro/vizitare/vizita-virtuala.html
Social Mediawww.muzeulastra.com
PublicationsCibinium, Marketingul şi educaţia în muzee
Contact personAnda Ionaş
PositionMuzeograf PR
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Subordinated units. Push Id for more details.
Id Name County Locality Commune Address Profile Afișare pe hartă
549 "ASTRA" Museum of Traditional Folk Civilisation Sibiu SIBIU Str. Pădurea Dumbrava (Calea Răşinari) nr. 16 Ethnography Map it
715 "ASTRA" Museum of Transylvanian Civilisation Sibiu SIBIU Piaţa Mică nr. 11 Ethnography Map it
1661 "Dr. Gheorghe Telea-Bologa" Memorial Cultural Centre Sibiu NOUL ROMÂN ARPAŞU DE JOS nr. 153 Ethnography Map it
714 "Emil Sigerus" Museum of Saxon Ethnography and Folk Art Sibiu SIBIU Piaţa Mică nr. 21 (pentru corespondenţă: Piaţa Mică nr. 11) Ethnography Map it
531 "Franz Binder" World Ethnography Museum Sibiu SIBIU Piaţa Mică nr. 11 Ethnography Map it
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