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"Mihai Băcescu" Museum of Waters

Museum code7069103
Name"Mihai Băcescu" Museum of Waters
AddressStr. Nicolae Beldiceanu nr. 8
Postal code725200
Telephone0230.541.416 ; 0746 896 714
AccessDN2 E85
Time table8:00 - 16:00, Monday -Sunday
DirectorVictoria Melinte
Collection(s)The museum owns also collections of: archaeology, history, old weapons, ethnography, rare books, numismatics and photographs. A point of attraction is the little carriage, a very valuable exhibit, executed by Leon Comnino in 35 years only by a penknife, and put on display in 1937 for the world exhibition in Paris. By taking part in many oceanic exhibitions, by discovering many fish and crustacean species, the academician Mihai Băcescu gave the museum over 720 exhibits as a gift. All of them are von display in two halls, as a homage paid to the scholar Mihai Băcescu. The museum holds the collection of the biologist and oceanographer Mihai Băcescu (1908 - 1999): dioramas with water flora and fauna, mollusks, fish, corals, crustaceans, gathered in the three oceans, the Black and Mediterranean Seas, the geographical globe with the relief of the terrestrial crust, water birds from Romania, the mollusks and coral collection from the Red Sea donated by C. Căruntu. Two memorial halls are dedicated to the parasitologist veterinary doctor Ioan Ciurea (1879 - 1943), born at Fălticeni, an associate fellow of the Romanian Academy, a university professor in Bucharest, discoverer of new species of parasite worms. In 1984 an aquarium was added. In the 13 pools with a capacity of over 11,000 liters of water, live many species of local and exotic fish, turtles, shells and crabs. The heritage of the museum is fully enriched also by a geographic globe (executed by the geography professor I. Neculai from Vadul Moldovei), unique in the world, due to its rendering on a scale, besides the earth relief, the configuration of the underwater relief. The building is a historic monument and was restored in 2009.
General profileNatural Sciences
Main profileNatural Sciences - Aquaria, Zoology
WEB addresshttp://www.falticeni.ro/muzee.php , https://muzeulapelor.wordpress.com/
Social Mediahttps://facebook.com/MuzeulApelorFalticeni
Contact personMaria Crăciun
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