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Institute for Eco-Museum Researches "Gavrilă Simion"

Museum code6975500
NameInstitute for Eco-Museum Researches "Gavrilă Simion"
AddressStr. Progresului nr. 32 (sediu administrativ)
Postal code820009
E-MAIL addressicemtl@icemtl.ro; relatiipublice@icemtl.ro
AccessDN 22, E 27; railways: Bucharest-Tulcea, Constanţa-Tulcea
DirectorSorin Ailincăi
Collection(s)Tulcea Museum was established in the year 1950 by the foundation of the Natural Sciences Museum. Since 1965 it has been the "Danube Delta" Museum with four departments: history and archaeology, ethnography, natural sciences and art. It is the first and only theme museum in Romania accepted at that time, under the name of Danube Delta Museum. In time the museum has grown due to the emergence of other museum units. The most significant achievement is the 1975 emergence of the History and Archaeology Department in the "Independence Monument" Park, inside an initial pavilion, later extended due to the construction of the second edifice. Other important achievements involve the emergence of the Art Museum (1972) and the Ethnography and Folk Art Museum (1989). The endeavours of the Tulcea Museum institution towards diversifying the forms of valorisation of the entire cultural heritage in the end led to a changed organizational structure of the Old Danube Delta Museum and its turning into an Institute for Eco-Museum Researches. Tulcea Museum was reorganized by the decisions nos. 118, 119/the 19th of March 1993, as the Institute would conduct its activity in the fields: ecology, ethnography, art history, history and archaeology. Currently, each museum of the Institute conducts its own activity trying to rigorously mingle the scientific activity of cultural heritage research, conservation, restoration, valorisation and enriching with actions pointing to synergic domains. The new strategy of the institution considers that its cultural product has to develop in an integration context involving education, tourism, regional development, international cooperation, aiming at creating diverse effects by multidisciplinary actions. The museum owns goods listed in the National Cultural Heritage Treasure.
Historic Monument building Historic Monument building TL-II-m-B-05994
General profileArchaeology
Main profileArchaeology
WEB addresshttp://www.icemtl.ro/
Social Mediahttps://www.facebook.com/pages/ICEM-TULCEA/488819324511901
PublicationsPeuce; Colecţia Istro-Pontică (Seriile: Arheologie, Etnografie, Ştiinţele Naturii), Revista Delta Dunării
Online Publicationshttp://www.revistapeuce.icemtl.ro/arhiva.html (articole scanate)
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Subordinated units. Push Id for more details.
Id Name County Locality Commune Address Profile Afișare pe hartă
1827 "Avramide" House - Collections House Tulcea TULCEA Str. Progresului nr. 32 Arts Map it
620 Art Museum Tulcea TULCEA Str. Grigore Antipa nr. 2 Arts Map it
624 Danube Delta Eco-Touristic Centre Tulcea TULCEA Str. 14 Noiembrie nr. 1bis Natural Sciences Map it
626 History and Archaeology Museum Tulcea TULCEA str. Gloriei, Parcul Monumentul Independenţei Archaeology Map it
625 Museum of Ethnography and Folk Art Tulcea TULCEA Str. 9 Mai nr. 2 Ethnography Map it
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