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Enisala Homestead Museum

SubordinationMuseum of Ethnography and Folk Art
Museum code6975506
NameEnisala Homestead Museum
Postal code827191
Telephone0240.513.231, 0240.516.204
E-MAIL addressrelatiipublice@icemtl.ro
AccessDN 22 (Tulcea - Babadag); DJ Babadag - Enisala; railway: Tulcea - Babadag
Time table08:00 - 16:00; Saturday, Sunday: closed
DirectorSorin Ailincăi
Collection(s)The museum is located in the centre of the locality, and presents a synthesis of the traditional homestead in northern Dobrudja, and the area of Razim Lake, from early 20th century. The architectural complex comprises the house and some annexes typical of a homestead in this area: the kitchen and kiln, the stables, the maize barn, the sheds, and the well. The plan of the house is traditional: the central hall and two rooms. The annexes were reconstructed and turned into exhibition rooms. One can see: agricultural tools, typical Dobrudjan painted carts, fishing tools, cooperage tools and products, as well as smithy, bee keeping and pottery tools, and domestic textile industry. The traditional interior of the house reveals the richness and beauty of the traditional fabrics. The ornamental compositions, stylized depictions and suggestive names of the ornamental motifs of the interior decorative pieces ("little trees", "nut kernel", "girls", "horse and horseman", a.s.o.) emphasize the exquisite artistic values.
General profileEthnography
Main profileEthnography
WEB addresshttps://www.icemtl.ro/muzeul-de-etnografie-si-arta-populara/muzeul-satului-nord-dobrogean-enisala/
Contact personIuliana Titov
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