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Huşi City Museum

Museum code7077900
NameHuşi City Museum
AddressBulevardul 1 Mai, bl. 25, parter (sediu temporar)
Postal code735100
AccessDN Crasna - Huşi
Time tableclosed
Collection(s)It was established in a listed building, a historic monument from the end of the 19th century, built by the landowner Adam Mitache, in al neoclassical style, on an 18th century foundation. This building, from early 20th century, was restored by the architect Lorenzzo Colavini. The first collections came from donations by Professor Ştefan Bujoreanu and the teacher Gheorghe Melinte. Currently the museum holds archaeology, mediaeval and modern history, ethnography and art collections (paintings by Tattarescu, Hatmanu, Bălţatu). These collections include artefacts from the Palaeolithic, the Neolithic, the Bronze Age, the Iron Age, the early mediaeval period and the Middle Ages, works of folk art (fabrics and seams, wooden sculptures), artefacts representing trades such as vinegrowing, agriculture, fishing, and some crafts (woodwork, cooperage). The main collections are archaeology and ethnography. The archaeology collection presents all the historical periods with various pieces: silex, bronze and iron tools and weapons, pottery, ornaments, coins, and coin hoards. Ethnography is represented by fabrics (rugs with geometrical, vegetal, anthropomorphic and zoomorphic motifs, dyed in vegetal colours, folk costumes), agriculture, fishing and especially vine growing tools. It is worth mentioning also the art collection with pieces of furniture, paintings and sculptures.
Historic Monument building Historic Monument building VS-II-m-A-06845
General profileArchaeology
Main profileArchaeology
Contact personPaul Salomeia
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