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"Aurelian Sacerdoţeanu" Vâlcea County Museum

Museum code6979500
Name"Aurelian Sacerdoţeanu" Vâlcea County Museum
AddressCalea lui Traian nr. 143
Postal code240096
Telephone0250.738.121; 0250/731.973; 0350-401899
E-MAIL addressmuzeuljudeteanvalcea@gmail.com
Time table10:00 - 18:00; Monday: closed
DirectorClaudiu Aurel Tulugea
Collection(s)The museum is located in a building raised in 1898, redesigned between 1978 and 1981, listed as a monument of architecture. The permanent exhibition collections are presented chronologically, revealing to visitors the continuous dwelling in these places, stretching along the Olt Valley, at the foot of the Carpathians. The permanent exhibition opens with archaeological finds from the Palaeolithic, the Neolithic and the Bronze Age displayed according to the modern graphic pattern. It is worth mentioning the reconstructed Roman period archaeological sites of Stolniceni, Ocniţa, the Roman camp of Arutela - Căciulata and the imperial silver coin hoard uncovered at Pădureţu (Babeni). The Romanian Middle Ages state is revealed by presenting the evolution of freeholder armies and governed villages, due to the emergence of high officials' families and of the Râmnic town life. Life in mediaeval Vâlcea is revealed by the finds from the central park of the town, from Inăteşti hermitage, Ostrov hermitage and from Budeşti, where hoards from the 16th century were found, as well as from some exhibits depicting original and copied documents from the 8th century. Other exhibits include art items from the 16th - 17th centuries, manufactured at Braşov or originating in the transition trade, that were displayed in two interiors: a peasant one and a boyar one. Vâlcea people's involvement in the revolution from 1821 and 1848, in the achievement of the modern state and in the war of independence from 1877 is presented due to concrete exhibits: documents, chromolithographs and weapons. The literary press images of yore and the prints edited by Vâlcea personalities give a clue as to the development of spiritual, cultural and educational life in this area. The exhibits in the window include school books, memorial items, portraits of outstanding Vâlcea personalities, such as: Anton Pann, Petrache Poienaru, Dimitrie Drăghicescu, Gib Mihăescu, and Cecilia Cuţescu-Storck. The museum owns goods listed in the National Cultural Heritage Treasure.
General profileHistory
Main profileHistory
WEB addresshttp://www.muzee-valcea.ro/index.php?f=intro
Contact personLiliana Marinela Beu
Positiondirector adjunct
AccreditationO.M.P.C.N. nr.2434/30.06.2011
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