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Museum of Vrancea. History and Archaeology Department

SubordinationMuseum of Vrancea
Museum code6981509
NameMuseum of Vrancea. History and Archaeology Department
AddressB-dul Gării nr. 1
Postal code620012
Time table9:00 - 17:00
DirectorHoria Dumitrescu
Collection(s)The museum holds archaeological finds from the settlements and cemeteries of Cândeşti, Coroteni, Mănăstioara, as well as other materials from the Palaeolithic, Eneolithic - the Cucuteni culture, the Bronze Age - the Monteoru culture, the Latene culture - the Dacian period, the Roman period, the age of migrations - the Sântana de Mureş and Ipoteşti - Cândeşti cultures. To reconstruct the Middle Ages in this geographical space one should take into account the pottery, tools and ornaments uncovered at Budeşti, Câmpineanca, Bătineşti, Mera, Bordeşti, Focşani and Dragosloveni. The exhibits include religious monuments from Vrancea, the activity of Metropolitan Varlaam, prints and religious items from the 18th - 19th centuries. The modern age, with its main events, is presented in a wider space. There are testimonies on the Revolution of 1848, the administrative structure of Focşani town, divided into the Moldavian Focşani and the Wallachian Focşani, the inhabitants' participation in the struggle for the Union of the Romanian Principalities, upon the election of Prince Al. I. Cuza at Jassy and Bucharest. There are interesting relevant testimonies on the election of Ion Roată in the Assembly of Moldavia, the Union of the Principalities, the activity of the Focşani Central Commission, a few Focşani unionists, as well as documentary testimonies regarding the cultural, social, economic and administrative life of Focşani Town, during the first half of the 20th century.
Historic Monument building Historic Monument building VN-II-m-B-06430
General profileArchaeology
Main profileArchaeology
WEB addresshttp://muzeulvrancei.ro/
PublicationsStudii şi comunicări
Contact personLelia Pavel
Positionşef secţie
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