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Religious Art and Culture Museum

Museum code5171000004
NameReligious Art and Culture Museum
AddressCalea Mărăşeşti
Postal code601001
AccessOn road Oneşti - Adjud, at 4 km from Oneşti, near the "Assumption" Church of Borzeşti
Time table8:00 - 18:00 (summer); 8:00 - 16:00 (winter)
DirectorPr. Protopop Constantin Alupei
Collection(s)A place of honour in this museum is held by rare religious books (for instance, "The Homiliary of Varlaam "- Jassy, 1643; "The Bible of Blaj" - 1795; Gheorghe Şincai, The Chronicle of the Romanians and Several Other Peoples - Jassy, 1843, etc. The museum holds several wooden icons (the "Birth of St. John the Baptist" - early 18th century, "Jesus Christ on the Throne", 1781, Armenian icon "St. Three Hierarchs" - early 18th century, "Dormition of the Mother of God", 1747), a lime wood iconostasis donated by Bogdana Monastery - 1798, triptych and diptych on wood - 1762, yew wood shrine - 1781, small hand crosses from the 18th century. Other remarkable items include liturgy bronze, silver and golden silver objects and vessels (chalices - 1818 - 1855, silver shrine from the 18th century) and priestly garbs woven in gold and silver threads. The building was restored and plated with stone on the outside, as it was destined for the presentation of the 217 heritage items from the 17th - 20th centuries.
Categoryîn subordinea cultelor religioase
General profileReligious Art
Main profileReligious Art
Contact personAna Solomon
Map itMap it
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