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National Museum of Maps and Rare Books

Museum code7300800
NameNational Museum of Maps and Rare Books
AddressStr. Londra nr. 39, sector 1
Postal code011762
E-MAIL addressmuzeulhartilor@yahoo.com
Time table10:00 - 18:00; Monday; Tuesday: closed
DirectorMaria-Cristina Toma
Collection(s)The exhibits include 667 maps, engravings, drawings, lithographs, as well as a series of artefacts specific of the museum themes. The exhibits are presented in the 16 halls in a sequence that observes the scientific aspect that merges harmoniously with the artistic one, while seeking to reveal the historical evolution of mapping all over the world, and, above all, those referring to the geographical space of this country. The remarkable exhibits include pieces of great value such as maps achieved by the great geographers of the 16th century after the information provided by the great geographers and historians of antiquity: Strabo, Ptolemy, Herodotus and others. The great geographers and creators of the Renaissance, a period when maps were produced on a mathematical basis, include S. Münster whose Cosmography dominated, by numerous editions, the mapping production from the second half of the 16th century. The great geographers G. Mercator and A. Ortelius, the initiators of scientific mapping, are present by their works next to other outstanding geographers of the age. The maps created by them that regard the Eastern European region play a central role. The few exhibits achieved in recent history illustrate, in their turn, certain historical moments.
General profileArts
Main profileArt
WEB addresshttp://www.muzeulhartilor.ro/
AccreditationO.M.C.C. nr. 2056/07.02.2008
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