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Museum and Archaelogical Park of the Roman Camp of Câmpulung-Jidova

SubordinationArgeş County Museum
Museum code6904505
NameMuseum and Archaelogical Park of the Roman Camp of Câmpulung-Jidova
AddressŞoseaua Naţională nr. 127 (cartier Pescăreasa)
Postal code115100
E-MAIL addressmuzeuarges@yahoo.com
AccessPiteşti - Câmpulung national road, on the border of the Schitu Goleşti commune.
Time table9:00 - 17:00, Monday: closed
DirectorCornel Popescu
Collection(s)Roman Camp "Jidava" is one of the best preserved in Roman Dacia. The exhibition opened in 1970 includes archaeological objects found in area of the Limes Alutanus and transalutanus and especially objects discovered in the camp. You can see ceramics (lamps, brick and tile fragments with inscriptions, amphorae, pavimentum and mosaic pieces, water pipes), weapons (arrowheads, spears, knives), military equipment accessories etc. In the camp some Roman buildings were restored: Principia and Praetorium – the Commander headquarter, officers’ building, Horreum - grain storage etc. On the southern side a tower of the precinct wall was reconstructed and partially Praetorium gate towers (main gate), a semicircular tower of the southwest corner and the other towers of the gates Decumana, Dextra and Sinistra, on the sides of the north, east and west. The camp was built in 190 – 211 A.D., during the Emperors Commodus and Septimius Severus, and was destroyed by the invasion of the Carps in 244 – 245 A.D. The site was discovered in 1876 by Dimitrie Butculescu.
Historic Monument building Historic Monument building AG-I-m-A-13357.01 ; AG-I-m-A-13357.02
General profileArchaeology
Main profileArchaeology
WEB addresshttp://www.muzeul-judetean-arges.ro/sectiile-muzeului/istorie/castrul-roman-campulung-jidova
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